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Had to call the fire engine (Gladys)

1943-03-24Letter transcription:


Dear Daddy – 12 letters Mon & 2 Tues. so didn’t expect any today. This was the first day we could hang out clothes since Nov. 29-’42. It is a little cool but nice. The ground is beginning to dry so won’t be long till we can get the yard cleaned up. We are still having measles – Bill Taylor has them – was feeling bad so he went to Lucy and got a treatment. Thought after that he was taking pneumonia – has been pretty sick with them. The seventh grade is getting them now so I suppose John will take them but I don’t dread them so now that Mark has had them and got thru O.K. I went to a church meeting this afternoon – had to give the lesson at W.S.C.S. When I got to town to mail this I think I’ll spend the rest of our ration coupons (26). I used most of them the first of the month. I think I mentioned a freeze put on butter, fats, etc. Monday. That came as a surprise like shoe rationing. The butter etc. will be one sale again next week. So far rationing hasn’t bothered us but I hear it is hard to get meat, butter, eggs and quite a lot of things in the cities. There was a little excitement yesterday at Zells – Foulks cleaning woman burned some papers and there was quite a wind – the fired caught the dry grass and burned over almost to Zells’ chicken house & garage – Had to call the fire engine. We have an air Raid Warden – Bob Shurtter for this block – and are to have black-outs – They said they didn’t think it would be necessary but we have to keep in step with the times so we would know what to do ‘in case.’ I am sending a letter registered with some more pictures. Some taken at 5 & some 6 mo. of David. He is a little rascal today – but cute enough to get away with it. Taking a nap now. Everyone fine.

Love – Mother

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