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First Anniversary of Pearl Harbor (Gladys)

Letter transcription:
Kentland Ind
Dec 7 – 1942
Dear Daddy –
After receiving four letters this morning I should be able to write a little better – also I went to Music Club this afternoon. My first Club meeting since Sept 22 – then I only attended the luncheon. Mrs. Shirk told me while I was at club that they called Dr. M. and he refused to go. Also several have told me similar stories. I didn’t know this until Clara M. worked for me last week but Mrs. Cunningham said he wouldn’t come when she called him for Frank and she called Dr. G. In case you missed my letter telling you Frank died. Some people seem to think it is your patients Dr. M. is independent with, but he always talks about missing you and wishing you were back. There is something funny.
We are still “enveloped” in winter weather – and tonight that is literally the truth. When I came home about 5 P.M., I noticed a fog rising off the snow and it kept moving up and over from the meadow across the street, and it is all around now. This makes such dangerous driving. I heard that all the hotel rooms are full tonight. I suppose anyone reaching town after the fog started

[page 2] decided to stay over rather than try to drive – since the roads are so slick. I don’t know how 41 is beyond town but in town it is covered with filmy packed frozen snow and is slick as glass. I won’t try to drive until the roads are safe.
The Lbr. Co. sent more coal out today – but Bun didn’t deliver it. Denver Perkins was helping. I don’t know who the other was. So we will have enough coal to meet the demands of this cold weather.
You keep mentioning the Federal tax so you surely haven’t rec’d my letters explaining about it. Agnes advises not to pay it – says it may be cancelled after the duration, but if you still insist on paying it I will. I just turned the papers over to her and she sent them in. If you get this – and want me to pay – mention my letter of this date (Dec 7).
Mrs. Roberts called and she had a letter from Joe and he wants you to write to him. I suppose you have since I sent you his address.
Mrs. Tilton told me this afternoon that Bob has entered officer’s training. I was trying to talk to someone else when she told me so didn’t catch all the details.
Red gave Coke a new record player for Christmas and she is going to have John over to hear a complete opera. The opera is on in Chicago now and I wish I could take John but with travel as it is now he will have to get his over the radio & on record.

[page 3]Tues. A.M. Will write a few lines more while D. takes a nap before bath time. If you have been getting my letters in which I mentioned the weather you will think I am a little strong on the subject but every day it is a little different. Last night I mentioned the fog – now this morning all the trees and shrubs are so thick with snowy ice they look like they have cake frosting on the. It is very beautiful. I can’t remember when we have had so much snow and weather like this so early in Dec. Maybe reading this will make you feel a little cooler.
Dorothy and Mildred Morton were going to Indpls [Indianapolis] today but I doubt if they go. There is still a lot of haze in the air and I imagine the roads are still slick as glass.
I am ordering Mark’s Christmas gifts today – Now I know you won’t approve but he wants ice skates and I am not keen on getting them but he wants them so much. Maybe I should be firm and say No! but if you could hear him. He says if he can’t have anything else he still wants skates. I am also getting him a tool chest and hope I can get him interested in doing shop work.

[page 4] They are buy stamps at school today. You know I got them to agree to buy $5⁰⁰ each out of their tens. They get such a big “kick” out of buying stamps in large quantities at school.
You said you had your mother’s box and I was trying to count how many were sent to you. I sent three (one was your laundry). Ruthie one, Ruth M. one, the Clubs of Kentland one, Boonie another one, and the Statons said they were sending one but don’t know whether they did. The Funks sent the pen & pencil set and I can’t think of who else, but these are the ones can recall now. But, all those had you first address except one or two of mine had “White Poppy” but since they were sent in Oct you should get them.
It is time to bath & feed the baby, then get lunch and do a few other necessary things.
Dr. Bushnell from Chicago is the one Joe met. Bushnell is in the Army.
Love Mother
P.S. – The V-mail greetings to J. & M. came today
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