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Army vs. Navy (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind.
Nov. 27 – 1943

Dear Daddy –

Yours of Nov. 19 came today – making almost as good time as at your last station. Just hope mine gets thru as quickly to you. Sat. P.M. & the football game tuned in and John listening. It’s Army & Navy playing today. Mark is building a model plane for Bobby. Bobby stays in a while then says he must go out & play with his kidlets meaning Jimmy & Martha. David is asleep. Mark took him out for an airing and a little sunshine after lunch but it was so cold I brought him back in after about 15 minutes. I hung a few things on the line and they froze so brought the colored things back in and John hung them in the basement. With my throat & sinus being so sensitive this year I figured it wasn’t worth hanging clothes out and take the chance of making my throat sore. We went to Laf. yesterday and took Mark to see Dr. Cole. He gave me a prescription for Sulfamerazine and I brought it here to be filled. The drug stores here haven’t merazine so had to call Laf. to get it. Mark just has a slight head cold but those things can grow into something worse and I know Sulfas nip those cold bugs but I don’t like to give sulfa without Doctor’s instruction. I kept Mark home all week from school due to signs of nervousness. He, I think, has been playing too hard since school started and I hadn’t been making him go to bed early – however there is a new ruling for Mark – he goes to bed at 8:30. I think with plenty of rest and not so much strenuous play he will soon be himself again. He is taking Vi Delta now too. I didn’t give either J. or M. the oral cold shots this year. I can understand how he would get a cold bug – with my throat & sinus bothering me all fall.

I saw Dorothy this a.m. She was in Chicago with Marie Steinbaugh yesterday & Marie fainted. If you rec’d all my letters you know Marie had one breast removed some time ago and has been taking X-ray treatment all fall. However the clinic had dismissed her. Dorothy took her to Billings and she had an X-ray made but couldn’t stay in the

[page 2] hospital – no beds – They are going to write the clinic for her first X-rays and she is to go back to Billings later.

You remember the Couch family – you delivered the 8th baby. Mr. Couch died this week. I was told his trouble was his blood turned to water. He was in St. E. Hospital then was brought home just before he died.

Just now on the radio there is a broadcast from a Navy Sub (Capt. Steve Basket) & Army Bomber (Col. Ed Garbarge) – two former Army & Navy football players carrying on a conversation about the game they played in several (20) years ago. This conversation was brought into the broadcast at West Point.

I talked to Dr. Cole yesterday about Mother’s illness. He said the cancer was in the head of the pancreas and had probably been there a year. I didn’t get a written report on it but didn’t think it was necessary, after he explained it to me. There was a partial obstruction, due to the growth.

The Zells are having their first fried chicken from the flock they started in Sept. and we are invited to dinner tomorrow. They are all “sold” on David. They want a boy so much and they have been very much interested in David since his arrival. Of course you have been informed from different sources about David’s personality and can understand his popularity. Mrs. Zell says their children didn’t have good appetites when they were babies, and David does a very good job of eating, and they enjoy watching him eat. I am giving him hemoganized (boiled) milk now. Have to get it from Bans.

My new lenses seem a little strange today, but the man at the optical co. adjusted the frames so they fit better.

I have to write a letter to Pauline. She asked me to buy some sleepers for James L. She couldn’t find any out there in “those wide open spaces.” I got two pr. and must send them out to her today so she will get them soon. IT sure takes a lot of time to keep up my correspondence, but I like to receive letters so must write if I receive.

I will again wish you a Merry Christmas and hope you get the boxes we sent. This is one time you will have to overlook the smallness of the gift and remember the spirit it was sent in.

Love Mother

©2015 copyright owned and transcribed by Deborah Sweeney
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