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Golden Wedding (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind.
Jan. 3 – 1944

Dear Daddy –

Yours of Dec. 17, 20, 21, 22, 23 came today. Also a letter from Geo. Wingfield. He is in San Diego now. Said some mail just caught up with him and a letter from you asking him to write me. Said after the war we would have to visit Reno and fight the war in retrospect as it should have been. He spoke very highly of you, and I believe he was sincere. He mentioned the flowers so he must have been the one to send the roses in Sept.

I hadn’t had any letters for several days and getting five at one time helped the old morale. I do hope you are getting all mine and hope the pictures I had made of David for Christmas

[page 2] get to you soon. I am sure they will give you a lift. David was rather cross all morning, but I think that one tooth that has been trying to push thru for so long is pretty responsible. One point is thru now so he should feel better soon. He seems to have more cold but can’t “hack & spit” like his mother (tho he tries to imitate me) and can’t get rid of the mucos, only as it runs down his nose. He has no temperature and wasn’t so cross if turned loose, but I was busy trying to work so penned him up in the nursery and he didn’t like that. I handed him a toy and he threw it down as quickly as he could. He has quite a bit of “spunk.” He is so used to being admired – yesterday Mrs. Zell was here and I had David on the toidey – when he had finished I put his pants on and turned him

[page 3]  loose – He walked away from us a few steps then turned and looked at us, as if to say “don’t you think I am cute?” with a merry twinkle in his eye. I told Mrs. Zell, or rather asked, who could ask for a girl when they had a boy like D. She said that was always the way she had felt about their girls, but Mr. still wants a boy. I said, really I don’t think it would have made any difference to you whether we had boys or girls. However, having had all boys I don’t know the real answer. Mr. Z. wants a boy so much after getting three girls he wants to try again. Mrs. Z. says she thinks she has all she can take care of and now since fathers are being taken Mr. Z. may have to go. I wrote you that Bob Shurtter had enlisted in the Navy, but evidently his commission didn’t go thru because he is waiting to be called to the Army. He is registered in Laf. and his number was about up when he enlisted or

[page 4] tried to enlist. E. Wilson got a 3 mo. deferment and unless he can get another when it is up will have to go if passes the physical. The new law provides $40⁰⁰ for each child, so anyone with 3 children will get $120. Doris is due to have her baby soon, so that will make her allowance 160.

The A.D. Washburns are celebrating their golden wedding tomorrow. They will receive guests informally at Howards from 2 to 4:30 and 7 to 8. The announcement was in the paper but I received an invitation. Did I tell you Howard bought the Canine farm? The moved some time ago. Mr. Tackett, the new coach moved to the place Howard vacated.

I am upstairs having dried my hair. I hear David. He has been taking his nap downstairs. He didn’t sleep too long, so may be a little touchy.

Love Mother

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Armistice Day 1943 (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind.
Nov. 11 – 1943

Dear Daddy –

No mail but had your message Nov. 9. The last letter I had was of Nov. 2. It came the 7th. I suppose it will be several days before I get any more letters.

I didn’t go to the school program for Armistice Day. Instead I was busy watching the furnace. It got a little off with this new coal, but Mr. Monroe came out this morning and adjusted the feeding gauge and seems to be doing as usual now. I washed and it was nice enough to hang things out, after our preview of winter yesterday. Had quite a snow storm for a few minutes. It didn’t last long but was quite a snow for a little while.

[page 2] I took David out of doors for a while this afternoon – The sunshine was so nice I puttered around in the garage and parked the Taylor Tot just outside so he would be satisfied – He is a wee bit spoiled about having company, but I needed fresh air too & the garage needed attention so it all worked out. I worked around the driveway a little trying to cover up the coal spilled the last time I had coal put in. The sky looks like it is clouding again. Not much sunshine this week.

I took David to have his picture taken yesterday. There were several there with groups, Doris Wilson with their three, Jean Ford with their three, Mary Childress with Blanchard Jr. – and others going after I left. The photographer wasn’t my idea of a person to work with children. He expected David to sit still & then stand

[page 3] still while he fiddled (sp) around getting ready to snap the camera. Well, David doesn’t sit or stand still for anyone. He finally got some poses but I have my doubts about how good they will be.

Boonie is sending the Democrat to all men & women in service from Kentland, so you should start receiving it soon, if not already.

Had a letter from Jim and his rating has been changed to Chief Steam Fitter and expects to be sent to a Ship Yard soon. Said the quota at Norfolk was full. He will have to take a 6 mo. course wherever he goes, so won’t be leaving the county for a while, unless he had his information wrong when he was home last.

It’s about time for J. & M. to come home from school and

[page 4] raid the cookies. I made some two days ago. Put them in the oven in a tin box and they couldn’t find them yesterday when they came home – that is why there are some left today.

I have to have a clinker can emptying this evening. This Ind. coal seems to produce more than the other did. Bun Walkup was supposed to come weeks ago & haul away what has accumulated but he hasn’t been here yet.

Joe Woodruff is home on furlough. He is from Camp Peary but says he will soon be sent out. He told John he got thru boot camp pretty easy because he could play the trombone – However he said he discovered when he was told to learn so much music by the next day – the officer in charge meant business – He didn’t learn it the first time and found himself doing K.P. so after that learned what he was told to learn.

Love – Mother

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Raking Leaves (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind.

Dear Daddy –

Yours of Oct. 24 & 25 came today – a little old after having Oct. 30 but appreciated just the same. It has cleared off & the sun is shining very bright. About time to hang up clothes this a.m. it got cloudy but I hung out clothes just the same so feel now like it was the thing to do. I don’t want to hang things in the basement yet. David is awake now after a short nap so I think I’ll get him ready to go out for some of this fall sunshine. He hasn’t been out yet today and likes to go out so well. – Have been out & gathered in clothes. It is very nippy in spite of the sunshine which doesn’t seem to warm very much. I suppose this sounds funny to you.

[page 2] I didn’t get this finished when I started and since have been to cosmopolitan club to Bergens to get a flower for Mrs. Plummer (the cake I baked was somewhat a flop as far as size was concerned so we ate it and got her a potted plant). I went to Plummers then to town to mail some things – I ordered those cold tablets for Marie & they came today so forwarded them to her. You remember I got some for them last year. Dave said he didn’t want to take them but Marie, Isla & Mrs. Mace take them. – While in town I stopped in the Restaurant. Saw Phyllis eating and asked her where Art was keeping himself. She said in Goodland & Monticello. He told Dorothy he was coming to see me but I haven’t seen him yet. Elsaleah isn’t teaching there this year. I don’t know who Phyllis goes around with now that Art & Elsaleah are gone. I see her a lot in the late afternoons when I happen to be in town.

[page 3] I noticed the latest group to enter the Army from this county includes Lowell Ford. He was the only one I knew out of five.

I slipped upon the town election. Saw in the paper that it was all G.O.P. but the entire vote was only 39 so I wasn’t the only one who didn’t vote. Link Trustee from first ward, Reed for Ward two and Harry White for W. three. Bob H. re-elected as Clerk Treasurer. I think the new Hufty baby will arrive sometime in Jan. I don’t know the Wilsons date but Doris has to wear maternity dresses now. Mrs. Gilmore has been ill and Lucile is home from Fla. She said this is the first time in 3 yrs she has been where it is this cold. However she said it felt good. She gets very tired of the weather down there – said it gets monotonous, warm all the time. Now I can’t imagine getting tired of warm weather – I really mean that, and you would so welcome some good vigorous cold snappy weather.

[page 4] Our boys & Zell’s girls finished raking our leaves this evening & burned them. They are going to rake Zell’s back yard tomorrow & pile the leaves on the garden. There were too many leaves to not rake. It is good to leave some on but not as thick as they were. I left them around the shrubbery in front and back too. We didn’t rake too clean – left some for fertilizer. Not all the trees have lost their leaves so with the winds we have will still have some.

So far the Ind. coal has been burning very well. It makes more clinkers but not bad. I scrubbed the furnace room last nite. Was afraid to sweep because of my irritated throat & sinus. At any rate the room is clean and without raising a dust. Jim cleaned the soot out of the furnace when he was here. I suppose it will need to be cleaned quite often with this new coal. At that I had to pay $7⁰⁰ a ton, so it is not cheap.

Must get this ready to mail.
“Love Mother”

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A Christmas party (Gladys)

Kentland Ind
Dec 21 – 1942

Dear Daddy –

Mon noon – I missed writing yesterday – seemed like I couldn’t get around to it – being Sun I should have managed but I was a little on the tired order from Sat. and tried to sleep in the afternoon while David slept, and last night I went to Funk’s to a party. I had started to Clara Moulter’s in the morning to ask her to stay with the children and met Bob & Dorothy (Vanscoryck) Schurtter. They asked me where I was going and I told them. They said Bob would stay with the children and I must have looked at them funny because they said he stays with Zells’ children sometimes when they go out, so I said, “O.K.” and that would keep Stevie for them sometime. They still live up at Kent. He said he used to take care for children while in college to help pay his expenses. I am going

William E. Funk family - c1960

William E. Funk family – c1960

[page 2] to the band concert tonight and Clara is coming to stay with the baby. He goes to sleep after his 6 P.M. bottle and doesn’t wake up until we take him upstairs to bed. Most of the time I have to wake him at 10 to feed him. If Bill can’t take Bobby tonight Mark and I are going to take him. I am sleepy today because I didn’t get home till after 12 and that was a little past my usual bedtime. The baby slept till almost 5 this morning but by getting to bed late didn’t help me much.

Had a letter from your Mother. I had written her about the contagious diseases, if there were any around. Floyd & Ruth want us to go down Christmas eve & stay till the 27th but I was afraid there might be something catching as your Mother had mentioned Judy Rae having whooping cough, but she said in her letter there wasn’t anything around now but colds. I haven’t decided yet but think we will stay home. I would have to get some one

[page 3] to take care of the furnace and since we are having a real “old fashioned” winter don’t like to venture away from home that far. I sent your folks a year’s subscription to Reader’s digest. Your Dad sent each boy a dollar. Your Mother had left John & Mark a book she bought in Joliet and sent me a table cloth & David a pr of bootees. I rec’d a very nice desk calendar from Prairie Realty. Geo Tilton said he sent you a calendar. I sent you one in the last box I mailed. After all the Christmas greetings come I’ll send you a list from all received. There were two who remembered to send greetings, who still owe us quite a bill. Maybe I shouldn’t think of things like that while reading a greeting – but it does seem a little farfetched – or does it? We received one from Mrs E. in Norfolk – and while remembering Norfolk, Jim’s address is James L. Foster SK2C, N.O.B Ship’s Company, Camp Bradford, Norfolk. I think I sent it before but can’t be sure. You mentioned my writing to Mrs. Walsh – Well I never did get a letter written, kept intending to then you wrote and told me he had been sent on. I really intended to write to her but I write to you and your Mother & mine and to Ruth M.

[page 4] & Ruth Y. so maybe all those will excuse me for not taking on another.

The sun is shining today but if we have more snow it won’t surprise me. This is three weeks we have had snow on the ground without a thaw. I have lost count of the layers but seems like every time the snow gets dirty there is a clean cover falls. I didn’t get the glad bulbs taken up and don’t expect to now. I shouldn’t put out anything that has to be taken up in the fall.

Washburn, Ursula - c1960

Ursula Washburn, c1960

Washburn, Howard C. - c1960

Howard C. Washburn, c1960

The guests at the party last night were Howard & Ursula Washburn, Ellsworth & Doris Wilson, Coke & Red Foulkes, Link & Irene and myself. We played bridge. All but Bill and he served drinks and filled in when Arlene helped the girl get the refreshments ready. It was too late to eat so much and I was careful because I didn’t want to lie awake the rest of the night. They served chicken salad, baked ham etc., celery, olives, pickles, potato chips, nuts & coffee. Of course mention was made about “Doc” liking olives & celery. They all asked about you and I wore the necklace which got a lot of attention. So you were much in our thoughts & conversation if not present – By the way Ellsworth wanted to know if you are taking on weight.

Love – Mother –

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