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Full of Pep and Getting Restless (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland, Ind.

Dear Daddy –

Another clear cold winter day. It was 3° above in Chicago this a.m. I have been taking David out for an airing every day but am afraid it’s too cold today – He still has a hang on cough from his cold two weeks ago. He is full of pep and getting restless. He is so used to going out in his buggy he wants to go. John is home today due to exams and his exemptions and has decided David is a full day’s work. I told him David has been more restless today than ordinarily. Mark came home at noon with the report that his exams were going fine. I see the skaters going toward the pond all the time. As they finish their exams, they can leave school and it looks like a large number are in our end of town.

The Hufty’s have a new boy – born day before yesterday. Haven’t heard the name yet. I didn’t stop to see Joy yesterday, but saw her the day before. She is two weeks old now.

I mentioned Irene in a v-mail I wrote yesterday. I knew she had been going to a Dr. in Chicago who told her she had thyroid and was going to treat her with X-Ray. Someone told

[page 2] her the treatments could ruin her throat. She went to another Dr. The new Dr. told her she didn’t have thyroid trouble and didn’t need an operation. She went to the hospital for that purpose. She is still in the hospital having tests made. I stopped at the house one day this week and Mrs. James gave me the above information. From all I could learn about Irene’s trip to Mayo, there wasn’t anything they found wrong. However, I didn’t ask any questions, but from things she said I gathered that much.

Mark is home from school and he & John are in a monopoly game in the kitchen. Mark is very confident about his exams. Hope he is right.

Your mother sent us a box of noodles. She must have made an angel food cake and made noodles with the yolks.

I don’t know whether to take David out or not. He sure is getting in everybody’s hair, but he is used to being out of doors this time of day.

Duff Telby said Tom is back in the States and waiting for a furlough to come home.

Had a letter from Jim and he is still in Camp Peary. Doesn’t know how long he will be there. I am beginning to think for the duration. That is “OK” – I don’t envy them their good fortune but do wish, well you know what I am wishing – and believe it can’t be long now.

I must go to town and get some groc. We have to eat – and since groc. delivery is only on certain days I just go to town and get what we need. Have to go to the P.O. every day anyway.

Love Mother

©2015 copyright owned and transcription by Deborah Sweeney
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