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The Tension (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind.
Sept. 24 – 1943

Dear Daddy –

Yours of Sept. 13 came today. You said you wanted to know something about me – well I weigh 100 ever. I broke my glasses, or rather David did and I am going without them just to see if I can. So far no bad results but I may get a headache and have to have an eye exam & get new lenses. My hands got over the bad attack and pealed off and now are sore in spots again, but more of a weather irritation this time. Pauline has been doing all the soap & water work & hanging up clothes to keep me from exposing my hands but they will get sore when the weather turns cool in spite of precautions. Yesterday was a better day for a birthday party than today would have been – However Wed. was warm & we could have entertained in the yard but it was cool enough to stay in the house yesterday after taking pictures. I had been taking shots every month, then I started ahead of time the last three or four times and didn’t get shots so haven’t had Theelin or anything for several months but get along without it. I am going to see Dr. Cole tomorrow. I have been having some indigestion and have so much has all the time I really don’t think it is anything but thought he might give me some suggestions on diet. I really think it is the tension – you know what I mean – Mother so ill – trips to Laf. – etc. Too much hurrying around. I really feel

[page 2] pretty good but think I will have to be careful of my diet! David is getting so he doesn’t wake up so early and I don’t know why, but if I can sleep a little longer in the a.m. I feel better – now maybe if I would go to bed earlier that would help, but seems like my pep always raises in the afternoon and I feel more like doing thing later in the day & that usually runs into the night. When your mother was here she said she like to work in day but not in the evening. I suppose if I got up as early as she does I would be ready to quit by evening.

Mark has gone to the football game – It was raining some & I wasn’t going to allow him to go, but told him he would have to wear rain coat, hat & rubbers and in order to go he agreed. John decided he would rather stay home & practice his music lesson than go out in the rain. I was glad he did because it doesn’t help his allergy any to get cold. He doesn’t cough much anymore. His headaches come & go – Dr. V. said his glasses are correct so I think the headaches must be due to maybe his age. His voice sounds so funny at times when it gets off the “sound track.” He says he doesn’t notice that it’s any different.

It’s about time for Mark to get home – here he is – Kentland won 48 to 12 – Knox lost. He (Mark) is all out of breath telling about it.

David is due for smallpox vaccination but has a little head cold so don’t know whether the Dr. will want to give it to him or not. He acts like he is going to cut more teeth. Still has just 6.

Love Mother

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© 2015 copyright owned and transcribed by Deborah Sweeney
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