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Pictures Received (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind.
Sept. 27 – 1943

Dear Daddy –

I really got the mail this a.m. Yours of Sept. 15, 16, 16, 17 & 18 came today with 9 pictures & one check. I deposited the ck. and have had lots of enjoyment looking at the pictures. Now if you had been turned just a little more toward the camera in one picture I could have seen more of your face, but nevertheless all pictures of you were easily spotted. You looked much more natural than if you had posed in any you were working in. They were all good clear pictures I thought except on had a little light place, but I can still see you very plainly. That must be your personality showing thru – I am enclosing some of David’s birthday pictures. I took one picture from the back so you could see his curls, but they don’t show very plainly. I must give him a hair cut but do hate to cut the curls off. I would rather leave them on for a while but if the pressure gets too strong around me I suppose I will cut the curls off. David is as limber as Mark used to be. Much more so than James L. There is so much difference between the two. David is a much more

[page 2] active child than James L. Pauline puts J. out in the buggy nearly all day or in the Taylor Tot & he stays put – at 8 ½ mo. David was climbing out of his buggy. He is getting a little better about staying put in the Taylor Tot. He fell out on his face the other day & I think it made an impression on him. He started to climb up the handle & over went cart and David. The grass was soft so he wasn’t hurt. I put him out today so he could be in the sun & he stayed put.

Glen is getting ready to start home. He has been waiting because of Mother but feels he must get back to work. He got special C tickets to make this trip so had to go to the ration board here to get tickets for the return trip. He is really miserable most of the time the way he fills up. He was going pretty good until last Thurs. I think the medicine Dr. Cole prescribed helped him because he didn’t feel like being up and now he is up tho chocked up most of the time. I wish you could do something for him. He does pretty good in Nev. but has an attack now & then.

I had to go to town to the bank this afternoon – I don’t get up town very often. I saw that Henderson woman (the last baby you delivered – not pd. For yet) up town. I wanted to talk to her about their baby. The last time I saw him was early in the summer and he didn’t look very healthy – had a unhealthy color and wasn’t very heavy – was too thin for his age. She was in a hurry & so was I so didn’t get a chance to talk to her. I might have been sticking my neck out but I hate to see a baby not properly fed. When I saw the baby the mother seemed apologetic about his weight & looks. I should have asked her

[page 3] then what she was feeding him. She said then she was going to finish paying her bill.

I enjoyed the comment you made about the furniture. Except for changing the desk from one end of the room to the other & moving the piano out of the den – the living room was the same as when you were here. The change I made recently was the first time I had rearranged the entire room.

I was trying to figure out a little financial statement to give you & if I haven’t made a mistake our bal. at present in $283⁰⁰ – out of that I’ll have $133⁰⁰ Ins. to pay (Hancock 2 pol. – Laf. Life one). Rent $45⁰⁰ – Light $6.30, tele ? – groc ? – etc. Jim gave me $100⁰⁰ to pay hospital  bills but I have used most of that – Mother had abo $100⁰⁰ and gave that to me but I have used most of it too – It doesn’t take long. I still have $40⁰⁰ from what Jim gave me for next week. So far I have just pd. a night nurse ($15⁵⁰ for 2 nights) but as you advised I am not buying bonds so will have money on hand if & when I will need it. The room at the hospital is $35⁰⁰ a wk., but that was all I could get when I took Mother in, and she wanted a private room. The x-rays & medicine have been high and make each weekly bill more. – I will have the regular monthly ck. to add to the above bal. ($283⁰⁰). I usually dep. $170⁰⁰ & keep $30⁰⁰ for current expenses. These trips to the hospital sure take the gas. We didn’t go today but plan to go tomorrow. We were there yesterday all afternoon. It is getting late and will have lots to do tomorrow morning so must get to bed.

Love – Mother

YEG1943-09-23 Birthday party #1

David with cake on his first birthday, September 1943

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Rainy Sundays (Gladys)

1943-06-13Letter transcription:


Dear Daddy –

Another Sunday and more rain. It rained on Easter Sunday and John as been checking on the rain for seven Sundays. This is the 7th and it has rained every Sunday since Easter.  I still can’t say whether that proves anything. It was so hot and close when I got up this morning – Mother said she didn’t feel like going to church so I went. The boys didn’t know I was there and I sat about two rows back of them – They acted good enough, but as soon as the service was over, darted out the side door and got home without knowing I was there. That is the first time I had been to church since the Easter Services but I would rather have the boys keep their church habits – when D. gets a little older I might try to take him. He is having a time now in his pen. He is playing with a pillow. His third shot seemed to bother him a little, but it was so hot after he had it. The spot is about gone now and he is as happy as every today. We can’t sit out in the yard now – We just had a hard shower and it keeps thundering like more is coming. The wind blew hard for a few minutes like something was going to happen, but soon quit. I saw the Henderson baby – I think the last one you delivered before you left – It doesn’t look well. He is 13 mo. old and weighs not a pound more than D. He looks like he needs vitamins. I took J. & M. to the band concert last night – there was the usual Sat. nite mob in town.

Love Mother

YEG1943-06 Dunlop Street house

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