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Friday’s Faces of the Past – Family Funeral?

The three above pictures appear to have been taken on the same day. The two single portraits were clearly taken at the same location. The group photo shows Gladys and the older woman wearing the same clothing as their individual pictures. Everyone appears to be wearing black or dark colors. Hence my assumption that the photograph was taken around the time of a family funeral. I date the picture circa1925. Gladys was born in 1905 so she would have been 15 in 1920 and 20 in 1925. Gladys’ haircut is straighter and less wavy than it was later in the decade. Her skirt length is short which moves the date further from 1920.   The older woman is wearing a dress styled from the late teens. It was quite common for older people at that time to wear clothes that were more “old fashioned.” Even today the trend continues.

McCammon, Lydia & Jesse with Minerva Metcalf

Minerva (seated) likely 1916

Many years ago I sent a copy of the picture of the older woman to my father’s cousin. She identified the woman as Minerva, Emma’s twin sister. Since the cousin knew Minerva, I generally take her word for it. However, I still say “the older woman,” because I am not 100% sure that she was Minerva (Lawhead) Metcalf.  I have only seen two pictures of Minerva and they are of a somewhat younger woman. The earlier photograph was taken about 1908 and Minerva was plumper and would have been about 36 when the picture was taken. The second photograph was taken about 7-10 years later between 1915-1919. Again the picture shows Minerva with a fuller figure.  Minerva would have been in her early to mid 40s at this point.

Which brings us back to the pictures at the beginning of the post. Do you think that the older woman is Minerva? She seems to have aged too much to be in her 50s. But times were different then. For someone who did hard manual farm labor, they could have aged more harshly. I know she is related to the Foster/Lawhead family. She bears a striking resemblance to Jim Foster (Gladys’ brother). When my grandmother was near her end and Alzheimer’s had robbed her memory, she thought the picture was of her brother Jim. So what do you think?

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Sunday’s Obituary – James E. Foster

Terre Haute Tribune, Saturday, January 29, 1954, p. 2

Terre Haute Tribune, Saturday, January 29, 1954, p. 2


James E. Foster, 85 years old, died at 1 o’clock Thursday afternoon in Warren, Pa. Surviving are two sons, James of Indianapolis and Glenn of Cheyenne, Wyo: one daughter, Mrs. Gladys Yegerlehner of Kentland; two sister, Mrs. Cora Miller and Terre Haute and Mrs. Lizzie Johnson of Largo, Fla., and one brother, R. W. Foster of Sharpsville. The body will be brought to Cross Funeral Home where friends may call after noon Sunday and where services will be at 10 o’clock Monday morning. Burial will be in West York, Ill.

James Edward Foster was born 3 May 1869 in York Township, Clay County, Illinois. He was the eldest surviving son of James B. and Lydia (Dicks) Foster. James and Lydia were the parents of thirteen children of whom only five survived to adulthood. James grew up on his parents’ farm, and after the death of his father in 1887 (when James was 18), he worked as a farm hand. Later he worked as a traveling salesman and a clerk. At the end of his life, he appears to have worked as a gardener.

On 29 February 1896, James married Emma Lawhead in Hutsonville, Illinois. They were the parents of five known children: Lydia Allie, Glenn E., Forrest, James L. and Gladys R. Of the marriage little is known. According to Gladys, her father was an alcoholic. Eventually Emma got tired of James’ behavior and kicked him out. Whether they were officially divorced or not is unknown.

Foster, James E. - St. Louis, Missouri, 1924-05-03

James E. Foster
St. Louis, Missouri
May 3, 1924

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