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Measles and cough drops (Gladys)

1943-02-25Letter transcription:


Dear Daddy – It is cloudy and looks like we will have another snow. Was pretty cold last night but warmer now. Got Mark a new winter coat so he had a chance to wear it this morning. It is all wool. The reason I got it now is because there may not be any all wool coats next fall. I’ll take his picture in it and you can see it. It is lighter in color than I wanted but didn’t have much choice. I went to Agnes’ office to go over the tax and looks like with all deductions we will still have to pay around 200⁰⁰. The exemptions are lower & rates higher this year. However 1942 may be cancelled but will have to file. David has a habit of crying around noon while the boys are home – that is if they don’t play with him. There are measles in school and I want the boys to stay away from him so we can at least take that much precaution. It may not do any good but it will be an effort. These measles are the old fashioned kind. Sammy Washburn has them. I saw Howard yesterday and he had a sample cough drop you had given them and said it relieved Sammy, wanted to know what they were but I didn’t know. They are hetagonal [sic] in shape & you told them they had claroform in them.  Lucile & I walked with our babies yesterday but it is a little chilly to go out today. I am going to keep D. away from school children and will have to stay away from town to do that. Mark is planning big for his birthday tomorrow. Will bake a cake.

Love – Mother

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Point rationing March 1943 (Gladys)

1943-02-24Letter transcription:


Dear Daddy – Our weather today is neither hot or cold, a little cloudy and some sunshine – acts like might snow or rain before evening. If it doesn’t rain will take David out for an airing. Lucile had Jimmy out yesterday. His rash is better but she is giving him lactic acid now. We took some pictures of D. and the rest of us. The next reg. letter I will send two or three. That is the only disadvantage to this kind of mail. Got our new ration books. So far the only foods rationed in the new book are canned fruits, juices & vegetables and frozen foods, also dried & dehydrated fruits. For March each person is allowed to use 48 points. One lb dried prunes takes 20 points – one can (14 oz) peas takes 13 points – those are the higher point foods – Sauerkraut takes only 4 points for a lb. We will have to figure out what we need most before using our points. Got Mark a coat for next winter. It is marked “reprocessed wool” so probably some of the cuff pants that were cut off were used to make it. It is a finger-tip and dark red. I was afraid if I waited until next fall I couldn’t get 100% wool. Our finances are ok but not much surplus now – after I get the uniform money will pay off the policy loan. Am still buying bonds. Agnes hasn’t reported yet on the tax so can’t report on it today. Mark is ready to go back to school & take this. Measles are abroad – just hope we don’t have to have them here. No symptoms as yet.

Love Mother

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