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Juanita (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
Aug 24 – 1943

Dear Daddy –

Rec’d yours of Aug. 9 & 12 today. John went to Laf. with Walkers so he took his 2⁰⁰ from m.o. & with his birthday money had enough to buy an album of records he wanted. Walker were taking Jimmy to Van Buskirk so John “sneaked” in on their appointment and got an eye exam. Dr. V. is writing me a letter about the situation. Said John’s lenses were correct but something about the muscle – I’ll tell you what else he has to say after I get the letter. I had Alma call Dr. Cole and tell him about Mother throwing up and the bitter taste that came last. He sent a prescription for that and said to give Mother an enema every day. He seemed rather worried Alma said about the throwing up and the bitterness. He told me when I had David down last Fri. he would come up soon. I know he will as soon as he can. Dr. Matthews is gone, Pip is gone & Rumkorf is gone – all taking vacations. I shouldn’t criticize but looks like they would get together doesn’t it – on such things.

[page 2] I met the 4:25 a.m. train – Juanita came this morning – It goes thru Robinson (7 mi. from where she lives) into Chicago. I’ll have to confess, I didn’t know about it until she came on it but it goes at such an hour and not touching towns we are interested in, I suppose that was the reason I didn’t know about it before.

Clara Molter picked lima beans from her garden and we shelled enough to fill 16 pts. To put in the locker – she gave us half to put them in. Not bad – all I did was hull a little while, blanch and take then to the Locker. I stopped at Parttens to see Ruthie – and talk about beef. They are going to butcher in 3 weeks and we are to get a quarter. It will take 800 points – or 2 ½ months meat tickets (stamps) from all our books. That shouldn’t bother us because we haven’t yet used a full month’s supply of stamps. – Ruthie is able to sit up now but hasn’t walked yet. The last x-ray looked pretty good Mary said.

It is a proverbial hot Aug. day and night – There isn’t any breeze stirring and it’s hot everywhere except out in the yard. The heat is awfully hard on Mother.

David was so hot today – his hair was in ringlets all over his head. Mark said David said “Daddy” – not da-da once today.

Love – Mother

FOS1940s - Emma & Juanita

Emma Foster with her granddaughter Juanita, circa 1940s

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School’s Out! (Gladys)

1943-05-14Letter transcription:


Dear Daddy – No letters today but hardly expected any – having rec’d 3 yesterday. (Apr 28-29 & 30). Today the boys went to school & got their cards. John grades were A and Mark’s C & B & maybe an A. I told him he would have to work harder next year. Mrs. Zell & girls, J, M, David & I went to Shelton this a.m. After school was out to get meat and take Betty to Miss Smith. The recital is to be the 28th of this month. Two Zell girls take lessons. I ordered another quarter of beef put in our locker. Mrs. B. said they will take ration tickets to cover the weight of beef I get. As it is I am not using our coupons because of the meat we already have. The price meat is in the stores I am glad we have our locker. Meat isn’t the only thing – I paid .75¢ for ½ peck potatoes this week and could only buy ½ pk. Some of the stores were out. The sun is shining today and we are washing. I am going to take David out for a sunning this afternoon – the first time in over a week. He got his second shot yesterday and is just a little touchy today. The first shot didn’t bother him at all. He says da-da all the time, besides a lot of other things we can’t interpret. Mark has changed into play clothes & got out. He can’t stay in on a day like this.

Love – Mother

Yegerlehner home, E. Dunlop Street, Kentland, circa 1943

Yegerlehner home, E. Dunlop Street, Kentland, circa 1943

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