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T-Bone Steaks (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
Aug 11 – 1943

Dear Daddy –

No letters today but had up to July 31 this week. It is hot today – but there is a good breeze. We picked green beans yesterday and canned 8 qts. today – we aren’t thru, but I had to stop & do some other things – one being to feed David – Mark now has him out in the buggy. Sammy & Buddy came to play with Mark. I told Mark he has to take care of David – all three boys are walking up & down the street (sidewalk) – Mark pushing the buggy. At present John is practicing – He just finished sorting music. The new piano bench wouldn’t hold all he had – so he decided to sort out all he doesn’t use & put it away. I have been so busy with the canning & David’s routine I haven’t had time to go upstairs today – I changed the bed before I came down this a.m. so could get the washer going early – John and Mark do the running up & down for me.

[page 2] Buddy was here for dinner. He said they were going with Funk’s on a trip. I suppose they will go some place in Wis. Bill has been so busy with the detassling this year. When it was over Arlene said he was worn out. They kept the boys at the Fairgrounds and this was the most they had had so far. There was a write-up about the camp in Prairie Farmer. They had a broadcast one day from the camp on the dinner bell hour. Bill’s job (one of them) was to see that there was enough food. There was a start of diahrea and he was worried about that, was afraid it would go thru the camp, but got it checked. Mr. Nelson is here now helping on a new elevator for the corn. It is almost due south of us, where the other buildings were built last year.

I sent John to town to get some meat this a.m. – he came back and said the only place he could find meat was Ford’s and they had two T-bone steaks – I sent him back to get them – the two cost .76¢ and took 16 points – We have a few can of salmon on hand so had salmon for dinner – I have some bacon & hens in the locker but won’t use them now – the meat situation may not improve so will save in case it doesn’t. We have beef promised from Parttens when they butcher this fall but might need some

[page 3] before then. Don’t worry about us and out meat problem, because we will get along. I still have chicken your Mother brought up. She may come again and if she does will have her bring more.

Kenneth is home on furlough and he drove the car to take John to T.H. – John said when he got off the bus in Laf. there were two girls who were meeting an uncle and they said “Hello Uncle Roscoe – “ Somehow he laughed about in incident. No offense whatever – I just mentioned it thought you might laugh too.

Mark & his company are in the front yard having some tall arguments. The children like to tell moron jokes. They are always coming in with something new about the little moron. Mark sometimes gets his riddles mixed up & tells us the answer first.

It’s 4 PM and more beans to work on and other things to do so must get busy.
Love Mother

©2014 copyright owned and transcribed by Deborah Sweeney
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