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I’ll Be All Ears (Gladys)

1945-09-29 (GRY) envelope

September 29, 1945 envelope

Letter transcription:

September 29, 1945, p. 1

September 29, 1945, p. 1

Sat. 29 – 1945

Dear Daddy –

Yours of Sept. 27 came today and you mentioned the possibility of another trip to G. L. next week. Well I’ll be all ears waiting to hear. I wrote you a long letter yesterday and pretty well exhausted my news supply, but will do the best I can. Our rain seems to be over but it’s cold now – not just chilly but cold. We have a good fire going in the furnace. John needed a Latin book he couldn’t get here, so this being Sat., we went to Laf. He got his Latin book and I got a pr. hose and a replacement on the Jiffy mop that went to pieces and that was about all – except a box Fannie May caramels. The town was so full of Sat. shoppers we couldn’t get waited on in so many of the stores, we just gave up and came home. Lucile went along and stopped at her sister’s in West L. I tried to get material to put a new cover on the studio couch but couldn’t find but one piece I would consider and it was $1.50 yd. – it would cost at least $10.00 and I would rather wait and see what we can do on new furniture. If I can find material later that suits I may get it but there wasn’t any choice today. Mrs. Tobias called me and said Mrs. Byfield was there so I went over to see her. Geo. is in Europe and expects to be home by Christmas. He has a little boy 2 yrs. old and Mrs. B. has been visiting with George’s wife. She (Mrs. B.) still lives in that apt. on Penn Ave. in Indianapolis – her son who is a musician has a daughter studying music in Indianapolis and she lives with Mrs. B. Marvel is in Hawaii and is to come home soon.

September 29, 1945, p. 2

September 29, 1945, p. 2

[page 2] David was tired this evening when we came home so he has retired. Everything made him cry. Last night he woke up when we were getting ready to go to bed. He went to the toidey then said “I want to sleep with you tonight,” so I let him. However I won’t let it get to be a habit. He said, “I won’t suck my thumb.” One time I told him he couldn’t sleep with me if he sucked his thumb. I put his clean clothes out on the cedar chest before I go to bed and when he gets up (which is always before anyone else) he gets dressed. He used to run around in his pjs but this way he gets his clothes on and is ready to go down when we are dressed.

Arlene just called me and asked me to come “and sit a while.” Bill is out of town and she is alone – I mean except for the children. I’ll take my knitting and go down for a while.

Mark brought a football at Woolworth’s or one of the 10₵ stores – you know he loves to spend money regardless of value rec’d. I think he paid $1.89.

John wanted a new shirt and some sox but couldn’t find either at Loeb’s so decided to wait and see what B & B has.

Mark is waiting to take this to mail so must get it finished.

Love Mother

P.S. will be anxious for your next letter

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