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Mark is upstairs in bed (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
Dec 11 – 1942

Dear Daddy –

Mark is upstairs in bed – He said he didn’t feel good when he came home – so I took his temperature and it was 100 – I gave him ½ a sulfadiazine tablet and will give him another before I go to bed. When Dr. Cole examined him while I was in the hospital he said he wouldn’t take his tonsils out but gave him sulfadiazine – so I had Jack Byrne look up the prescription and get the dosage. Mark said he ached so thought I would try to nip the “flu” in the bud. He said he felt like he was taking the flu. He went to town thru the snow without his overshoes and I think he got his feet damp. When he came back and I discovered he didn’t have his overshoes on I made him change his shoes but evidently his feet were cold the “bug” had started to work. They come in thru the garage and leave their rubbers there and I had no idea he had gone out without them. He said, “the sidewalks are cleaned off,” but we can’t get away from the house without getting in the snow because it snowed again today. You

[page 2] mentioned the weather taking a beating. It certainly has from here but this snow is something to write about. Just before noon there was a flurry started and lasted until after the children came home. Great flakes coming down in swirls.

We were going to decorate the tree this evening but since Mark has to stay in bed and I am too tired to bother with it – it will have to wait another day.

I rec’d a card from the Revlon Prod. Corp that you are sending me a Manicure Case. Your Christmas cards are all very nice – (the three rec’d).

I finally sent out your sardine, crackers, mosquito cream, chewing gum – and in case you miss yesterday’s letter – the box of chewing gum was put in by Jack Byrne. He said to tell you that was their weeks allowance since chewing gum is hard to get. I also sent Jim his gifts and a box to Thelma.

I saw in the paper that Wayne Walker is home for a 30 day furlough. He has been in Australia since soon after he enlisted. That give me hopes – Maybe it shouldn’t – that you will possibly get to come home for such a furlough sometime.

[page 3] David is asleep – as usual this time of day. After his 6 P.M. bottle he looks around a while and usually by 7 he is sound asleep. He weighed 10-13 this morning. Two weeks ago today we went to see Dr. C. and he weighed 9-13 so he has kept up his ½ per week average. He should – he takes 5 oz every 4 hrs and it takes 12 oz Carnation for the 24 hrs.  When we came home 9 weeks ago he was getting 7 oz carnation in 24 hrs and now it is almost double that.

The skaters have come into their own this winter. Betty Lou & Donna Dennis went together to skate this evening. Betty said they have a flood light for the night skaters and build a fire too. Nick got Buddy skates last year but he has never learned to skate – said he didn’t like the falls.

You should be getting a letter from Uncle Wes. I can’t understand why you never have heard from him. He was here the day your Mother & Kenneth left – the day your Noumea address came – and he took it down. He said he was going to send you a bunch of maps. In fact I had a note from him and he had sent them. His address is 2028 W. 110th St.

I mentioned this before but will again – I think you should write the Sisters at St. E. and thank them for my care at the hospital. I am going to send a Christmas greeting, and add a thank you.

[page 4] I take it for granted that you got my letter telling you I didn’t have a bill to pay when I left the hospital.

John went to town this evening and bought David’s gift – a plate cereal bowl and cup. Mark got him a Panda. Jim sent him a wooden toy and Ruth M. sent something for him in her box but I think it is some piece of clothing.

I looked thru the paper for some news item to include but don’t see much. Thad Pence is having a public sale – going to retire. C.D. Gilmore & James Oppy are victims of falls, suffering from cracked ribs. Joe Fletcher is moving the auto license branch office in with Prairie Realty Co. John Simons is in St. E. for observation. You will get all this when the Enterprize gets to you.

It has been so wintry this week I haven’t been out much and I have been trying to ward off a sore throat. It comes and goes. I got some powerful gargle at the drug store last night and it is much better.

I am about to run down so will sign off. Maybe there will be some letters tomorrow since there were none today.

Love Mother

Sat P.M. – Mark is better – In fact he is hard to keep in bed and I think by this evening I will allow him to come down and watch John decorate the tree, but will keep him away from David. A greeting came for you so will send it on to you (From St. E.)

[page 5] I am sending you this “Nation’s Business” notice – I hardly think you want it renewed but here it is.

©2013 copyright owned and written by Deborah Sweeney

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