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David’s Diary – July 16, 1970

Thursday, 16 July 1970

Up about 8:30 after Θ+. Had breakfast—Bonnie headed for the garden as soon as she could—our section needed weeding. I turned my attention to getting the mailing ready. I had one stencil ready, re: the Summer Fair. I prepared another on the hymnsing, about Lawry Reid and Don McGaw. Also one about the pulpit exchange being called off. I had everything run off, and was ready to fold and stuff when Bonnie arrived home, having been rained out at the garden. I finished the mailing right after we ate, Bonnie head(ed) to Gloucester with Debbie to do some shopping. I went to the P.O. and went on a walk around town collecting the drug program signs. When I got home I read until Bonnie arrived home; I helped her unload the groceries—then she left immediately for the hair-dressers—for Drue to give her a haircut. I did some more reading, read the paper—then when Bonnie got home I went to the garden. Tended to the tomato plants, dug (with hands) potatoes, got some snow peas (which are past their prime) and some lettuce. Came home, had supper; watched CBS news; tried to spend the evening reading. Watched Ironsides + Dragnet. Took photos of Debbie in bed; bathed about 11:30. OBLO, c. midnight.

Friday, 17 July 1970

Up at 7:15—the first item of business was to go to the garden; I wanted to pick some vegetables for the Becks. I got some squash and purple beans (I got potatoes last night); came home about 8:00. Shaved, had breakfast, then prepared to leave for Lexington to see Beck. I arrived there shortly after 10:00. We had a very productive chat, ranging from Vietnam to OT matters. He gave me my reading list of OT passages for the Hebrew exam. I left his house about 12:30—drove to Boston—went to Sears, picked up the p.j’s I’d ordered for Bonnie—then went to BU. Bought the latest issue of Playboy, glanced through it as I ate my lunch. I checked in at the library concerning a book which they notified me twice was overdue—I found it on the shelf (the book on Pope John)—I then took the trolley to Park St. Station with the sack full of unsold drug pamphlets—took them to the Council of Churches. Strolled around the common area, took the trolley to Boylston, to N. Station. Found Hammett Co. at 48 Canal St., bought paint—made my way back to BU by 4:00. Headed home; picked up Bonnie at the hospital at 5:00. We came home, fixed supper—we sat for Chris Lewis from 6:30–9:00. We were so exhausted; Bonnie fell into bed before 10:00. I stayed up reading, bathed c. 10:40; OBLO, 11:00. Up again at 12:00, wrote on sermon in bed at 1:00.

Saturday, 18 July 1970

Up about 9:00—after I gave Bonnie some gifts—two sets of earrings and a nightgown—Θ. I went down to Richdales for milk. After breakfast I got to work on the sermon. I got it done by the time we had lunch. Then I did the bulletins, prepared the service. I had shaved right after lunch, so as soon as I got done with the bulletins, I went to call on the Hannibals. I didn’t cut my visit short—as so often I’m in a hurry—but stayed til after 4:00. Then I came on back home and we prepared to leave for Lynn. We got on the road about 4:50. Traffic was heavy, and we made one wrong turn, so we were about 20 minutes late. We spent the evening with Don McGaw and Lawry Reid. We were at the parsonage, which they’d moved into. We haven’t had an evening together with them—just the 4 of us—since Christmas time. We had supper out in their small back yard, then moved inside. The first part of the evening we played Tripoli, but then about 10:00 we decided to play password—which they’d never played before. It proved to be fun. We didn’t knock off until after 11:00—and we didn’t leave there until about midnight—got home about 12:50. Went straight to bed, utterly exhausted.

Sunday, 19 July 1970

Up about 8:15. Bathed, shaved, ate breakfast, practiced the sermon. Left for church about 9:40. In church today there was a woman who used to babysit for me when I was 3 years old, in Liberty, Mo.—when my folks were living there during the war! She’s Sherrill (Mrs. Russell W.) Aubrey—formerly a Thrailkill, daughter of George + Velma—the whole family are in Rockport vacationing. She and her husband (+ 2 daughters) were in church, along with her father. We got home, had lunch, I half-napped while it was cooking. I had a hard time trying to get to studying early in the afternoon. The tenants next door were sitting in the yard talking. Finally I went down to the church—but dozed off in the chair; but I did get some reading accomplished before going home about 5:30. I baked a cake, we fixed supper. I tried to get some more reading done, then took a break to frost the cake. But Bonnie said she’d prefer I’d spend the time working on her lid rack, which I did. I actually got most of the work done on it. But I didn’t get back to reading a soon as I had planned—but I did get some done. However, I was weary, and gave up reading relatively early in the evening. Had a piece of the cake, bathed together, OBLO, c. 11:05, Θ+

David’s Diary, July 19, 1970

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Velma Thrailkill

November 13, 1945, p. 1

November 13, 1945, p. 1

Letter transcription:

Mrs. George C. Thrailkill
311 West Kansas Street
Liberty, Missouri

Mrs. Yegerlehner,

I did enjoy your letter and also the one to Sherrill for David. I have thought of answering it many times but did not find the time. We are a little town but still go fast and furious. The other day – I called on Mrs. Ivy on the war Chest. She asked if we had heard from you. Said she missed you so much, the other people were too quiet. We still miss you all. I would like to hear David tell me to “button my lip.”

It is almost Thanksgiving again and Christmas will be here before we know it.

Do hope Dr. is back in Kentland. At least a few of the medical men seem to be getting out. Liberty is getting its share of discharges. There is

November 13, 1945, p. 2

November 13, 1945, p. 2

[page 2] a list in the paper every week of the ones discharged and it grows fast.

Sherrill is doing well in school. She is taking Latin and Algebra and seems to like both. She still misses your family a lot.

The Russell youngsters are back in school at K.U. According to Mrs. Russell, Richard is doing much better this year than he did last year.

I know you will remember my nephew, Jack Roorback. He came home from Corpus Christi last week on a short leave and married Reba Buckhardt last Sunday evening at Antioch church. I had some bad moments but guess we have to make the best of it. They are both just 19. He left

November 13, 1945, p. 3

November 13, 1945, p. 3

[page 3] last Thursday p.m. for Corpus again. She will finish this term at Jewell but imagine she will go down with him after that.

Mr. Reppert is still in Manila. According to Mrs. R. he will not have enough points to get out until next June. She is feeling pretty blue about it, I think.

This past week we have had loyalty calls among the members of the Methodist church. This was family Sunday and believe it or not the church was practically filled. We had a grand crowd. A full chair too.

It is announced that Dr. Schumacher and family are returning

November 13, 1945, p. 4

November 13, 1945, p. 4

[page 4] to Liberty the first of December. He will be discharged.

John will probably remember Miss Nickerson at school. Her “young man” returned a few weeks ago and they were recently married. Mrs. Joy’s husband has returned to the States. He is a dentist and was stationed at Australia for some time.

George is at the Veteran’s Hospital at Excelsior Springs 5 days a week as Contact Representative for the Veteran’s Administration. He likes it fine.

Write again when you can. We all enjoy hearing from you and your family.

Velma Thrailkill

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