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A Week Since (Gladys)

April 29, 1944 envelope

April 29, 1944 envelope

April 29, 1944, p. 1

April 29, 1944, p. 1

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind.

Dear Daddy –

Doesn’t seem possible that it has been a week since we were anxiously waiting for you to come home. Just hope we can look for you next Sat. After I wrote to you yesterday, I took David out in the yard with me and he fell down smack on his lip and made it bleed. Then after we came back into the house he fell again and made it bleed again. I put sulfa powder on it and took him to the Dr. this morning. He took the stitches out and in spite of everything it looks pretty good. The swelling from the bumps yesterday is about gone. We have been trying to keep him from falling today. I put him in the Taylor Tot and Mark pushed him around this morning and has him out now. Buddy came out to play with Mark. He will get a taste of what it’s like

April 29, 1944, p. 2

April 29, 1944, p. 2

[page 2] to push the baby around.

Al came out this morning with our mortgage exemption for me to sign. He wanted to know if we were going to rent the house to Smiths. I said we would but if we wanted to come back would want the house. I told him we couldn’t say anything definite about how long they could have it. He wanted to know how much rent and I said just enough to meet the payments – between $45 & $50. He said they didn’t have any other house in view. I asked him if he knew of any rental agencies in Evanston or Chicago. He said he didn’t, he is just new in this business.

I have been thinking I might get Dorothy or someone to go with me and go to Evanston or someplace around there one day and house hunt. What do you think?

April 29, 1944, p. 3

April 29, 1944, p. 3

[page 3] John has the Opera on. It is being broadcast from Chicago. I wish I could have taken John up for this particular opera, but Miss Smith said the house was sold out weeks ago – that is tickets under $5.50. If we were all in the upper brackets a little $5.50 wouldn’t bother us.

No mail today. Not even a circular. I suppose two or three of yours (letters) will come Mon.

– – Just had a hair cutting job – Martha wanted her bangs cut – but that didn’t take very long. I forgot about the haircut I was supposed to do last weekend until after you left. You no doubt have visited a barber there.

Another pause to take care of David and get him ready to go back out. Yesterday in Laf. he didn’t want to go in the elevators – when I came home and told John, he thought

April 29, 1944, p. 4

April 29, 1944, p. 4

[page 4] it was “cute” or something like that. He says he can remember the time I made him ride in the elevator and get over his phobia. He said you weren’t along. I remember the time myself. It was in T.H.

I attended class party last night at Simisons. I was talking to Clarice and Smith is the man Huftys were talking about the evening we were there. I told her we were considering renting our house to them and she said she was glad because they were anxious to find a place. This man Smith has a lot to live up to because I think Bob and a few others pulled hard to get him.

I should write your Mother and tell her about David’s fall or should I say falls. I think by tomorrow it should be healed enough for him to be turned loose.

I must get busy.
Love Mother

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Trouble with the Furnace (Roscoe)

Letter transcription:

Lieut. R.S. Yegerlehner USNR
USN Base Hosp. #4 Navy 133
F.P.O. San Francisco Calif.
Dec. 27, 1943

Dear Mother,

Received several letters from you today – Yours & the boys Christmas greetings – a letter and box from the folks and a greeting card letter and picture from Dolores. The picture was of she and he taken in Washington. I’ll have to re-read your letters before I write next time because I’m on-duty now and the letters aren’t where I am. And that is also the reason for the pencil.

You mentioned the check – That was the first one I sent. Hope the other one have arrived by now. Your mail service that way must be pretty good – almost as good as when I was back up the way.

A Newton Co. E. came today – The one telling of C.O. Riggs. That was the first I knew of the whole thing and in it was an account of the Simison girl having her appendicitis – Lots of news – Even Grace Cox was in the hospital. You haven’t mentioned lately whether Dr. Van Kirk is back at work or not – Maybe you aren’t interested in him. Not even enough for him you to write about him.

It seems you are having trouble with the

[page 2] furnace and Indiana Coal. Can’t Geo. Monroe get the thing regulated? Why don’t you have him make trips out there about every hour some day to check on it to see if he can really get things going?

I’m going to check the figures on the finances you gave and probably will have some comment about those but I read the letters so rapidly I couldn’t tell now a single figure you mentioned.

Do you remember a long time ago I mentioned sending an officer home with a bad eye? About June first. He is now back out at the first station when I was first located. He was back there U.S.A. for 5 months, so I guess he doesn’t have too much to complain about.

Well, next time I’ll answer more of your letters.
Love Daddy

P.S. also got a letter from Wayne W.


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