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Report Cards (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind.
Dec. 1 – 1943

Dear Daddy –

The first day of Dec. – no mail today but probably will get some tomorrow. It was a little sunny today and I took David out for fresh air. He hadn’t been out this week (Mon. or Tues.) due to a slight cold which was not present today, so I thought fresh air would do us both good. We walked over to Johnsons but they weren’t home so went on over to Krulls. I hadn’t seen their kitchen since they had remodeled. They now eat their noon meal at home every day & Thurs. & Sun. are home since those days the restaurant is closed. They closed up the door that went into the pantry and made another at the south end of the dining room. They now have a bathroom with a shower off their kitchen. It is very nice with built in cupboards, new sink, etc. If you were home I think I would want to finish the room over the garage for the boys, but under the present circumstances I think it is best that we get along as is, but it’s something to plan for. Even with a new house there is always something to do (like finish the basement).

J. & M. brought home report cards today. John had Gen. Science A – English A+ – History & Arith. A – Ag. B+ – Physical Ed. S (Satisfactory) – Band A and Citizenship S. Mark’s grades went down, but

[page 2] I am not surprised. He isn’t quite up to par. I didn’t get him started on vitamins quite soon enough and I think he played too hard thru “their” football season. I set a new bed time for him which is 8:30 and am trying to get him rested some. He and Bobby are upstairs now working on a plane for Bobby. Mark is having trouble with arithmetic now – long division seems awfully hard for him. I have to help him every evening and he isn’t grasping it like he should. I think that is one cause for his present nervousness – he gets impatient about not getting his work rapidly. David is walking around the house playing with a muffin pan and a lid. He went to the stove and got them out of the drawer. We are slapping his hands now to teach him to leave things alone that sit around where he can reach. In the morning when I get up, I have sinus drainage and do some clearing, hacking and spitting. He imitates me. He is at the age where he tries to do a lot of things we do. Of course we think he is advanced for his age, but that’s our privilege.

Dorothy told me today that Ellsworth got a 3 month deferment – that Al is going to quit teaching next year ( he will be retired then) and run Ellsworth’s business while E. is in service. Now that is as told to me and things may change by then, but those are present plans.

I tried to do some Christmas shopping today but didn’t get much done. Got a box to send to Jim. Have a gift for Thelma – an English coin purse Bud K. made.

The weather is turning to the wet order. It is raining some now. Theresa Ann Tubberty just came to get Bobby – she helps Arlene after school. Louise is back but she isn’t able to work like she used to – I don’t know when she will have her baby – She probably won’t stay after Arlene gets back from the hospital and can get along. Bobby said his Mother was addressing Christmas greetings today – She has to get her things done early.

Love Mother

©2015 copyright owned and transcribed by Deborah Sweeney
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