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Scarcity of Film (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind.
Aug. 29 – 1943

Dear Daddy –

Sunday afternoon – Dr. Cole was here to see other – He said he had to be back in the hospital by 5 – to do a section. I am going to take Mother back to the hospital for an x-ray – He said he would have McClelland & Baylee see her but he says he doesn’t think anything can be done. He thinks she would get an awful reaction from x-ray treatments. However we will get an x-ray to be sure about the mass in her bowels. He says he is sure it’s malignant. I told him I would bring her in some time this week. I am looking for Glenn to come any day now and hate to be gone when he comes. It’s been a week (will be tomorrow) since he started so he should be getting here any time.

Buddy Krull came out this afternoon to play with Mark and he has a terrible cold with a cough. I told Mark to keep him out in the yard away from David. Buddy probably got his cold on their trip in Wisconsin. They just got back yesterday.

[page 2] Last week was cold & cloudy and David didn’t get his usual quota of sunshine. I took him out this afternoon about an hour. He is a little rascal now, doesn’t want to take his afternoon nap. I tool some pictures of him today. Have to save the rest of the roll for his birthday Sept. 23 – so can’t send these out until I get the rest of the roll taken. Film is a scarce item now. I should have bought film ahead so I would have one roll for each month.

John is listening to his symphony programs this afternoon. Wed. school begins and then the “bigger half” of the neighborhood children will be in school again. Al is having a time getting teachers – Seems odd that only a few years ago there was a surplus of teachers and it required almost a pedigree to get a position – now the situation is reversed. Too many teachers I am afraid are in the W.A.C., W.A.V.E.S., etc. I suppose after the war the situation will be turned the other way again.

I think David has finally decided to go to sleep – Mark & Buddy have gone to Buddy’s house – I told Mark to come home in time for supper.

Love Mother

1943 - David playing with lawn chair

David, summer 1943

©2015 copyright owned and transcribed by Deborah Sweeney
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