A beautiful snow (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
Nov 29 – 1942

Dear Daddy –

Dunlop Street - abt November 1942 #2Sunday afternoon and nearly time for Gildersleeve. John is working on his composing and Mark has gone out to get some snow to make ice cream. We had a beautiful snow beginning yesterday late in the afternoon & lasting through the night. It is the scenic kind and the shrubs were bending over from the weight. I took two pictures of the house and if they are good will send you one so you can think about our weather and maybe it will help you to imagine a cold Christmas now. We also took some pictures of the baby in the Den but don’t know whether the reflection from all the snow outside will make enough light. David weighed 10 lbs this morning and is really beginning to show signs of getting fat. Dr. Cole gave me a list of things to start him on beginning with his third month – egg yolk (3d mo.), cereal (4 mo.), vegetables (5 month) & fruit (6 mo). He said for me to take him off the 2 am feeding but he still wakes

[page 2]up for it and seems so hungry – I am still giving it to him but hope he will drop the habit himself. Last night (or rather this morning) when I was feeding him I noticed the furnace kept running – so I went down to see what was wrong. The top door was open so of course the temperature couldn’t build up. I shut the door and everything was “OK” again. Mark blew a fuse so our lights were out upstairs last night. I had Mr. Monroe come out to fix a drain and he said he wanted to look over the furnace again – He had checked it while I was in the hospital so it is in good running order now.

Statons were gone over the week-end and when they came home this evening had to stop before entering their driveway – due to the heavy snow covering it. I think Mrs. James & Jimmy had taken a vacation over Thanksgiving – due to gas rationing starting Tues – they like a lot of other folks took one last trip. I don’t know what rating Link will get – having to drive to work but he will get more than the 4 per we will get. Earl was worrying about not being

[page 3]get enough to drive to work – but I think he will be taken care of.

John & Mark have gone to the Sunday evening youth fellowship meeting. There is to be a social hour to follow so don’t know how long they will be gone.

Lucile Johnson went with us to Laf. Fri. She said she had been on a milk diet – her urine showed a trace of albumin and the Dr. wouldn’t allow her to have anything but milk for four days. She was very hungry and said she didn’t like diets and this would be her last pregnancy. I told her she wouldn’t feel that way about it after it is all over. Mrs. Beekman had her baby this week – I thought she would have her baby before I had David. Dr. M. said she had him worried because she gained 50 lbs.

It is less than a month till Christmas. I don’t know what we will do – due to gas rationing Ruth & Earl won’t be able to go anyplace and I don’t want to

[page 4] take the baby away from home as young as he is. Haven’t heard from Ruth & Floyd for a week so don’t know what they are thinking about doing Christmas. Floyd will be able to get more gas so they may go home.

Had a letter from Jim and he is trying to get a furlough to start Dec. 30 – so they won’t be here till after Christmas – if he does get to come. I have been trying to write this through several radio programs so am not sure whether I am making sense or not, and I haven’t been out since Fri so don’t have any news.

I will send a box this next week and maybe you will get it by Dec 25. I’ll put in the mosquito cream, and a few other odds & ends.

I am getting hungry – don’t know whether I can hold out for the boys to come back – We had baked chicken & dressing for dinner so there is plenty to pick on this evening.

I owe several letters so will try to get some written this evening.

Love Mother

©2013 copyright owned and written by Deborah Sweeney

Post originally found at: https://genealogylady.net/2013/07/27/a-beautiful-snow-gladys/

1 thought on “A beautiful snow (Gladys)

  1. davidmadison1942

    That’s a nice picture of the house in the snow. I’m pretty sure that’s Mark standing by the tree.

    “Mark has gone out to get some snow to make ice cream.” I wonder how he made ice cream with snow! I never recall us having an ice cream maker that required the crushed ice around the cylinder filled with milk, eggs, etc. But maybe that’s what she meant.

    It’s hard to imagine life with gas rationing and the 35 mph speed limit.


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