July First (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
July 1 1943

Dear Daddy –

The first of July and chilly enough to have heat turned on. And after all the intense heat in June. Just the kind of weather to expect back home in Indiana. It is a relief tho, and it has its points, even tho the corn doesn’t grow so fast in weather like this – so much more for Indiana “corn.” I am trying to get this written before the mail man comes so he can take it. With J. & M. & Zell girls gone I have to go to town myself to do anything and thought I would get my daily letter written then wouldn’t have to worry about

[page 2] going to town. Yesterday I rec’d yours of June 21 & 22 – however there are a few June letters still en route earlier than those rec’d. I am wondering if you are still getting the pictures I send once a month. The last I send was on June 26, the photographer’s picture of David for his 9th month.

I went to town yesterday and took a specimen of urine for mother in Dr. M. Dorothy ran the tests on it and said she found infection sugar & albumin. Dr. M. had given Mother Sulfasuxadine and said to continue two more days then bring her back in – She gets up every morning and dresses but lies down most of the time on the couch.

[page 3] I saw Lucile in town. She had Jimmy Ed. He is quite a young man. Is about to sit alone. He still has eczema but I think it’s gradually leaving. He has hair now and doesn’t scale any more. I suppose he will just have to outgrow the “stuff.” Ed is having an allergy – it’s between his fingers – how uncomfortable – don’t I know – well Lucile called me yesterday morning about the H.C.L. I used & she used – Ed has had the condition some time now & Lucile wanted him to try our remedy. I am having a touch of the thing now – I think it’s due partly to the drastic change to cooler weather. My fingers are a little swollen. I

[page 4] had to get up last night and put the lotion I always use to keep from rubbing them. They are better this morning – I missed the mail – just got your letter of June 23 – in which you were talking about a heat lamp – I would think a sun bath would be hot enough. – Maybe that would be too hot.

Mother had a letter from Dolores yesterday. She said it had been hot & dry in Washington – I thought it was raining everywhere the way it kept raining here. We haven’t had rain now since Sat. & this is Thurs. so maybe our rain is over for a while. – – This is afternoon – I have put out one washer of clothes since I started to write, had lunch and done a few odd jobs around here.

[page 5] The Democrat came and I looked it over for any news of interest to you but failed to find anything unusual. I saw an ad in a magazine about spam. There was a Navy officer’s picture & telling about how glad the boys were to get spam. I just laughed to myself and thought that wasn’t the way I heard it. I didn’t use all our red points in June. I was talking to Arlene about having points left over – She suggested that I stock upon spam, etc. I told her I would be afraid to have it on hand when you came home, so she agreed with me it would be better for me to buy something else. We

[page 6] didn’t use all the red points but when Parttens’ butcher in the fall I’ll have to turn in enough points to cover half or quarter of beef – which I get. Milk (canned) takes meat points but we still have enough. I bought 24 cans this week. I intend to keep David on canned milk thru the summer yet. He is awake now trying to shake his bed apart. The screws do loosen and I have to tighten them up once in a while. He looks at me and laughs when he isn’t sucking his thumb. I can see him from where I am sitting. I will have to get his dinner ready.

Love Mother

YEG1942-06-18 David

David at 9 months

©2014 copyright owned and transcribed by Deborah Sweeney
Post originally found: https://genealogylady.net/2014/09/13/july-first-gladys/

2 thoughts on “July First (Gladys)

  1. davidmadison1942

    I have to laugh about her comments about “going to town.” At MOST it was an 8-minute walk!

    “There was a Navy officer’s picture & telling about how glad the boys were to get spam. I just laughed to myself and thought that wasn’t the way I heard it.” “I would be afraid to have it on hand when you came home.” Ha ha! I still see it in the stores, but who buys it!?!?!

    LOL! “He is awake now trying to shake his bed apart.”

    1. Genealogy Lady Post author

      Spam is very popular in Japanese circles. In post World War II Japan it was one of the few foods that they could get. A lot of Pacific cuisine also uses Spam. AND it is the food of choice of some hikers.


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