Neither Flu or Grippe (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind.
Dec. 14 – 1943

Dear Daddy –

No letters today but with the Christmas mail getting heavier all the time I can understand delays. The three last week made me feel much better after the 10 days without. J. & M. are anxious to get their Christmas money. They are just as anxious just to get a letter from you but I told them you were sending them money, and you know the human nature angle. David of course isn’t as concerned as they are, but probably would be if he were older. He is asleep now. I had to put him down and cover him about 6 times to get him finally to give up and go to sleep. I had given him his dinner and put him to bed before J. & M. came and it was after 1 P.M. before he went to sleep. He still has a cough but no temp – and feels fine otherwise. So many have the same cough so it will probably hang on for a while. He hasn’t been out of doors since Sun. but yesterday I felt like I was taking flu and didn’t want to go out, besides being the coldest weather yet this winter 5° – The weather prediction for tonite is 5 below. I should go to Sheldon and get our acct. there straightened out. They sent me a bill for $49⁰⁰

[page 2] and I know I don’t owe anything like that. I do owe the rent in advance & a few processing charges but not that much. I am glad I keep pd. bills & cancelled checks.

I called Harlans yesterday and he said I could have a small amount of Ky. Coal today and that he has a promise of more in 10 days. I will be so glad to get cleaner coal. However I have been told that no coal is treated with oil this year, so even the Ky. Coal may be dirtier than before. We have had 3 pins break since using the Ind. coal Nov. 1. It seems to form clinkers on the retort much faster than better coal. No. 2 speed doesn’t feed enough coal to keep the fire hot enough and No. 3 feed is too much, so the result is that quite often I have to shut off the coal feed and just allow the air to fan thru the accumulated coals to burn them down. I should know this furnace well this winter. It certainly didn’t get this much attention last year.

We rec’d a box from Ruth & Floyd today. I think it is nuts, etc. Also rec’d a picture of Keith Algood and a card with “Loraine & Keith Algood” printed on it. I told you before Loraine secured a divorce from Gerald – cause – another woman having a baby by the aforementioned Gerald. Loraine is working for Allison in Indpls. & her mother keeps Keith. I think things went on while they lived in Kent that Loraine didn’t know about – don’t you?

[page 3] I have been getting the children’s pictures out to put on display until Christmas – Just an idea of mine. I think it’s fun to look at their pictures. J. & M. have changed so much, yet I can still see they look like they did when younger. David seems to look more like Mark’s baby pictures now, however he is distinctly David and can hold his own. Do you remember how we used to think Mark was the prettiest baby ever? I think that feeling must have been especially for Mark. I didn’t feel that way about John, although I thought he was a good looking baby. And somehow I haven’t had that particular feeling about David – but will say he is the best looking baby around town – (proud mama stuff). David gets a lot of compliments about his good looks. J. & M. of course think he is the best looking baby they have ever seen, and the smartest, and all the other adjectives.

I am sitting by the south nursery window with the venetian blind up to get all the sun I can get. My throat is a little scratchy, tho I didn’t come down with the flu. I thought I was going to last night – had a slight temp. – but feel good today.

[page 4] This epidemic that is around is neither flu or grippe but something milder – It is bad enough, because so many people have had it or are having it. Some people were wishing for a cold spell, thought that might help things. Well, we will see – It is colder now and probably will be for a while. Personally I could do with warmer weather.

This is two days before time for Arlene to go to St. E. I talked to her today and she was feeling good. She has gotten along since Louise left with part time help. She isn’t so large this time. They sent you two boxes for Christmas this week. You probably won’t get them until Jan., but Arlene had so much to do she said she couldn’t get them out any sooner. I told her you would appreciate them any time.

David just awakened so that ends my letter writing – He still sucks his left thumb and his Mother has about decided it’s time to do something about that little habit. You can imagine the condition of his thumb – It wasn’t a bad habit when he was smaller (or was it) but I think it should be stopped now – He knows we don’t like to see him work on his thumb and if in a good humor will take it out of his mouth when told to do so. Must take D. up and put him on toidey before he dampens his pants.

Love Mother

©2015 copyright owned and transcribed by Deborah Sweeney
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1 thought on “Neither Flu or Grippe (Gladys)

  1. davidmadison1942

    “I had to put him down and cover him about 6 times to get him finally to give up and go to sleep.”

    “I should know this furnace well this winter. It certainly didn’t get this much attention last year.” How many people, I wonder, still struggle with coal furnaces.

    Probably the closest my mother ever got to gossip: “I think things went on while they lived in Kent that Loraine didn’t know about – don’t you?”

    “…but will say he is the best looking baby around town” 🙂


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