Second Letter (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland, Ind.
Dec. 27 – 1943

Dear Daddy –

I have been working on the financial statement – but having no adding machine I didn’t go into such details as groc. bills, lights, telephone, etc. but here is a list of Ins. – $443.55 – House $508.48 – Piano $300.oo – Loans paid $243.91 & $173.69 – Bike $35.00 – Hospital $128.80 – Bonds – $131.25 – coal $100.00 – The total of the above amounts to $2064.68 – The balance necessary to meet expenses is long & detailed and I’ll try to get the columns added so I can give you a complete report. As you will note I have not paid any Taxes (except $6.60 for the first of the year) but Agnes M. said for me not to. I think I have explained all about the taxes before. Even the gross isn’t paid by people in Service. The $330.00 you sent will take care of Ins. coming due the first of the year and I think I can buy some bonds, too. Our present bal. is $301.81 – and with the Jan. 1 cks. coming I’ll dep. $170.00 – There are bills amounting to $174.00 to be paid in Jan. – that doesn’t include groc. Bills which should amt. to about $30.00 – so I should be able to buy some bonds and still keep a comfortable bal. Does all the above sound complicated and as clear as a woman would make it? Thought I would give you food for thought – let you figure some of it out for yourself – I think you can add and deduct the right figures.

The other evening we were listening to Red Skeltons’ program and Ozzie & Harriet sang a song that sounded like double talk, but it is something like the tobacco auctioneers chant –

[page 2] It is Mares eat oats, Does eat oats, little kids lambs eat ivy, little kids lambs eat ivy – a kid’ll eat ivy too, wouldn’t you – Now just say it like this: Marze dotes and dozee doze, liddle lamz edivy, liddle lamz edivy, a kiddle dee divvy too, wouldn’t chew – I wish I could tell you the tune too – We all go around here singing Marze dotes. It’s just one of those silly catchy things. I know if you could have picked it up you would probably be humming it too.

It is getting late and I need some extra sleep to make up for getting a little tired over the holidays. We just listened to Dogwood and it was all about snoring – Imagine anything like that being funny. Sometimes David makes a noise in the night if he doesn’t sleep soundly – I don’t know what makes him do it, but Earl said he heard him all night Sat. when we stayed there. I really believe he heard him just a little while because I heard him, I think, about 4 a.m. but you know people think they hear things all night long, when they don’t – and especially if they aren’t feeling well.

Your Mother’s box came today and there was a picture of her & dad, done by a photographer. I hope she sent you one because it’s a very good picture. Pjs for J. & M. and a dollar for D. With the ten you sent & the 1.00 Mrs. P. gave him I am going to add enough for him a bond.

This is my second letter to you today, but the first one was written early this a.m. We’ll add a line in the morning.

Love Mother

Tues Morn – Yours of Dec. 18 & 19 came today. Also a letter from Glen & Pauline with $20.00 – $5.00 for each of us – They couldn’t find anything to send for gifts so just sent money. I sent them a box about two wks. before Christmas.

©2015 copyright owned and transcribed by Deborah Sweeney
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2 thoughts on “Second Letter (Gladys)

  1. davidmadison1942

    Yikes: “…as clear as a woman would make it” !!!

    That is a PRICELESS paragraph at the top of page 2! That song was still being sung in our house when I was growing up….and I can sing it today! 🙂

    “We just listened to Dogwood” should read Dagwood, which is a reference, I believe, to the radio program based on the comic strip, “Blondie.” (Dagwood was Blondie’s husband.)


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