Joke Box (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind.

Dear Daddy –

Yours of Jan. 5 & 12 came today. So glad you rec’d the box but I sent two so maybe you will get another one yet. – It was similar to the other – not much in either but better than nothing at Christmas, however late. Now about those chasers, etc. – Those were John’s idea of a joke. I told him what you wrote about them and he said to tell you it was only for a laugh. They were in the box from the boys. The box I sent didn’t have any in it. David is better – No measles, etc., but he still coughs. Dr. M. was out to see Martha Zell so I asked him to see D. again. He says his cough is bronchial and if it doesn’t ease up in a few days he will give him a whooping cough shot. I am still giving him sulfamerazine today and to give it to him tomorrow – just twice a day. David is somewhat spoiled from this cough. At first when he had temp. we kept him on the couch and entertained him and now he wants me to hold him most of the time he is awake. He is in his bed now and should be going to sleep but is watching a train go by. When J. & M. come home noon and evening they have to let David take their caps off. He puts the cap on his head then expects us to applaud. He is very conscious of his “public” and knows when to act cute. Dr. M. said to give you his regards and to write to him. He has been out several times during this winter to see D. – twice this time.

There is a music club meeting today but I am not going due to David’s “disposition.”

[page 2] He is a little “touchy” and I don’t like leaving him when he feels this way. However I have a change to go to Laf. tomorrow and would like to go for several items. Dorothy’s mother is here visiting and she said they would keep him for me. It all depends on how he feels by tomorrow. Dorothy is home from 11 a.m. till 3 p.m. and that would cover most of my time away. Mrs. Z. had planned to go tomorrow but Martha has a cold and she can’t leave her or take her along.

Had a card from Uncle Wes. They are in Fla. He wants your address so he can write to you. His address is 103 Osceola Ave Clearwater Fla. In case you want to write to him before he writes to you. I am sending him your address today.

It isn’t cold today but cloudy – I am glad for the warmer days. It’s kinder to the coal. The good coal is getting low and no more to be had I am afraid, but maybe we can get along with the other by spring – but I know the pins broken in one month by the Ind. coal.

My Christmas cactus is about as late as your boxes. It is just blooming – but doing better than last year – it didn’t bloom at all.

I just had a “round” with D. I had put him to bed without anything on but pants & shirt but he wouldn’t go to sleep – so I dressed him and put him back in bed. I don’t like for him to cry because it makes him cough so I can see he is going to be a little spoiled by the time this cough is gone. I took his temp. when I dressed him and it’s normal, so he should be in the pink in a day or so, if we can do something to relieve the cough. He certainly doesn’t act like there is much wrong with him, the pep he has.

[page 3] Here’s hoping you do get home at the end of your 18 mo. but if not the only thing to do is be patient – It certainly will be grand when you do get home.

“Love Mother”

©2015 copyright owned and transcribed by Deborah Sweeney
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1 thought on “Joke Box (Gladys)

  1. davidmadison1942

    “Now about those chasers…” This has me stumped.

    “When J. & M. come home noon and evening they have to let David take their caps off. He puts the cap on his head then expects us to applaud. He is very conscious of his “public” and knows when to act cute.” LOL 🙂

    “However I have a change to go” should read “chance”

    “It certainly will be grand when you do get home.” 🙂


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