Sniffling Sunday (Gladys)

Letter transcription:


Dear Daddy – Sun. P.M. Have been indoors all day – David didn’t have any temp. today and felt pretty good. Still coughs some but no sign of breaking out with measles. Must have been irritation from his diaper. It was so nice out today I wanted to go out with him. I stood him in the doorway and took some pictures, this being his 16th month – Lucile came out with Jimmy, but didn’t bring him in – just stopped to see about D. She was taking J.E. for his airing. He is fully recovered from his attack of flu. David

[page 2] must have had bronchitis (sp?). That’s what Dr. M. said. John was sniffling this a.m. so he didn’t go out either. I gave him rhinitis all day & he went to bed early. Mark spent the afternoon with Buddy and they came out this evening. Buddy just went home. Dorothy was out early this afternoon to see David. She said Link told Nick the last Dr. in Chi. She consulted told them her ailment was all in her mind. Said she probably had someone in their family somewhere she takes after. Link said she has one such aunt. Mrs. James said one time Irene is like her aunt.

[page 3] I have knitted today and now have a headache from too much. Also my glasses need to be straightened. I want to go to Laf. Tues. with Zells and go have my glasses fixed. David broke one lense – I mended it with airplane glue but it is not straight.

Zells are getting more chickens. They sold off the last batch, cleaned out the brooder house and now ready for more.

Virginia spent the afternoon here helping me entertain David. I think he was tired watching J. & M. build block towers – He seemed to enjoy

[page 4] Virginia’s for a change.

Mark is begging to sleep with me tonight. He got that habit way back when, I really can’t put my finger on the exact date but sometime last summer. I think it all started when he had his tonsils out. Last night I put D. in our bed because he was so restless and coughed a lot, I knew I would have to be up all night trying to keep him covered, so to save the getting up & down, didn’t put him in his own bed. I didn’t sleep much so am going to turn in now & try to catch up.

Love Mother

©2015 copyright owned and transcribed by Deborah Sweeney
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1 thought on “Sniffling Sunday (Gladys)

  1. davidmadison1942

    My poor mother, i.e., having to settle for 16-month old me in bed with her all night, and 11-year old Mark wanting to as well! And all the sniffles and coughs and fevers to deal with.

    And having to deal with her broken glasses.

    “Virginia spent the afternoon here helping me entertain David. I think he was tired watching J. & M. build block towers….” 🙂 🙂 🙂


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