May 1944

[There are no further letters during the month of May since Gladys and the boys moved to Lake Forest on May 8th. Their stay by the Lake was short-lived however.]

Baby Book - May 23, 1944 summary

Baby book – May 23, 1944

May 23 – 1944

David’s 20th month. 26 1/2 lbs. – 34″ tall

On May 8 we went to Lake Forest to live. There were chickens in the back yard and David put his finger thru the fence and a hen pecked it – He cried but went back and tried to entice the hen again. We took David to the beach and he had lots of fun playing in the sand and throwing rocks in the lake. We had a cottage on the lake near Zion but Daddy was ordered to Liberty, Mo., so we had just one day to play on the beach. David is getting a good coat of tan. He tries to say anything but doesn’t say everything correctly. He acts like he is playing the piano, can point to his nose, ears, eyes, hair, mouth, tummy, feet and where he gets spanked when we ask him to.

Roscoe’s new orders were written on May 26th and delivered on May 30th. He had five days to report to Liberty, Missouri. His new duties were at the Naval Flight Preparatory School at William Jewell College.

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4 thoughts on “May 1944

  1. davidmadison1942

    Gladys had NO idea how much she was contributing to family history! Hooray for the baby book.

    “He cried but went back and tried to entice the hen again.” Once more into the breach! 🙂

    1. Genealogy Lady Post author

      Sadly the baby book only goes to your second birthday! So I am still going to have to dig up some other paperwork to get through all the time the family spent in Missouri.


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