David’s Diary – April 14, 1969

Monday, April 14, 1969

Up before 9:00. My main concern today was to get my paper on Gibeon ready. First of all, had to finish reading Pritchard’s book, then turned to various books and articles. We had a late lunch, around noon. In the afternoon I was able to work alone, since Bonnie took Debby over to see Hazle Lord. Late in the afternoon I finally got to writing the paper, but not soon enough, Alan Federick + Pat were having us over for supper. He called about 5:00 saying that dinner was c. 7:00 or 7:30. So I worked until about that time. We got there about 7:20. Didn’t have supper til after 8:00. I wasn’t able to have such a good time since I still didn’t have this paper done. Home by 9:30, got to work. Tired. Stopped to bathe a(t) 11:00. By 12:30 have most of the paper written; off to bed; lights out 12:30.

Tuesday, April 15, 1969

Up before 8:00 and got to work on the Gibeon paper. Had some writing yet to do, then got to the typing. Finished by noon, had quick lunch, shaved electrically, then headed to BU by car. Got there about 1:30, went to do the xeroxing of my paper, the went to class at 2:00. We couldn’t meet for the full two hours today—were out by 3:00. Richardson wasn’t at all upset that I hadn’t even handed in my German exam. From 3:00 to 4:00 just sat outside the school talking with Walter Aufrecht + Don Jones—a beautiful warm day. Isaiah class from 4:00 to 6:00—left early, home here in Rockport by about 6:40. Watched TV, had supper, relaxed, but really too tired to try to concentrate on anything. Watched a Nat’l Geographic program about Polynesia; off to bathe about 9:30. Read, lights out about 11; θ+

Wednesday, April 16, 1969

Debby 8 months old today; got up about 8:00, had breakfast, shaved; at 9:30 had conference with Ed Nutting about merger with Congregational church. He indicated his church would be open for discussion. Home by 11 o’clock—worked on  mimeographing the newsletter for Concerned Citizens, at request of George Gabin. About 12:30 had lunch. Caught 1:15 train to Boston. Got to BU about 3:00, looked into books, had class at 4:00—left about 5:45—caught the 6:40 train home—late getting to Rockport. Arrived home about 8:15, began Bible Class immediately. Over 9:30. Only 5 in attendance. After this did more work on the mimeographing: Didn’t finish until after 11:30. Had a letter from Uhlinger today. Advises: “take it easy”—re: merger. The Methodist hierarchy doesn’t want to give up anything—wants true merge, not a swallowing. But joining with [? Cong….] is just plain sensible—no matter what its called; we must overlook self-interest; off to bed; lights out 12:15.

Thursday, April 17, 1969

Debby with a mirror, April 1969

Cat definitely seems to be pregnant.

Up about 9:30. Did some letter-writing, ordered books from Cokesbury. Went to the Post Office, home again. Didn’t accomplish too much today. Went about getting ready for the Wesleyan Fellowship meeting tonight—had to do some mimeographing. Did a lot of puttering around, didn’t set started on Psalm 110 paper. Later in the afternoon, Bonnie gave me a HAIRCUT, then I bathed, since I didn’t last night. After bath, I decided to take the mimeographed material to George Gabin. Bonnie and I walked over with Debby on my back. Stopped to chat with Alan and Pat about  cleaning his car. Saw Anna and Alvina, stopped to see Syd + Winnie Gamage, came home; I napped; 6:45 picked up Hazel Lord, went to the church—meeting didn’t have many results—a questionnaire to be sent to members. Over around 10:00, picked up Debby at Patriquins; snack; off to bed after 11; lights out 11:15.

Friday, April 18, 1969

Up by 8:30. Had a small breakfast, got to work at my desk—procrastinated actually on getting to work on my Psalm 110 paper. So I got my desk cleared off. About 10:30 I strolled outside, and so did Bonnie; we got involved for about a half hour in taking the old rotten picnic table apart, trimming trees. I got back to work finally. We had lunch about 1:00. In the afternoon I made progress on the paper and finally finished the manuscript by supper time—took break in the afternoon for more tree trimming. Bonnie was doing some raking. Helped fix supper, then by 8:00 got back to my desk. Wrote my sermon—actually went very quickly, then got busy on the bulletins—finished them about 1:15. It started raining in the evening. Will be a good day tomorrow to stay inside and type! Off to bathe about 11:30. Listened to new record ( Med. Miss. Sisters), Joy Is Like the Rain; off to bed; lights out 12:20.

Saturday, April 19, 1969

Up at 8:00; breakfast, went to work on the Psalm 110 paper—typing stage. Tried to make this the day’s project, but progress was slow, had done only about 3 pages at noontime. After lunch I shaved, then made some calls (Rip Hannibal and Lucy Patience) and changed the Wayside Pulpit; was back at my desk typing by 3:45. Made some headway—Bonnie went stir crazy. Debby had been whining and whining—and sewing hadn’t gone right—so I offered to take Bonnie to a show—that helped improve things. We had supper around six, then left Debby off with the Patriquins, then went to the theatre in Worcester—saw Charlie—not a very cheerful film, but at least we got out of the house. Had night snack at Patriquins—home by 10; bathed.

Sunday, April 20, 1969

Up around 8:00 to work on the service, practice the sermon; shaved—last morning that I shaved my sideburns, had breakfast, off to the church about 10:40. Mrs. Marr condemned as “ridiculous” having the girls sing the prelude with guitars. Had 44 in church, preached on COCU. Home by 12:15—had lunch, finally got to work typing and made a little headway. At about 2:45 we all three went over to Alan’s to say good-bye to Pat Harry—took pictures. I had a meeting at 3:00 at Episcopal Church. Lasted until about 5:00—joint youth group decided to discuss further May 11 the placing of a Black Roxbury resident in Rockport for a year. Returned home, did more typing, helped with supper, then at 7:30 had a meeting at Wesley Church in Gloucester. Home from that at about 10:00. Had a snack, relaxed, but then got back to typing; our cat is now beginning to look pregnant—we should have some kittens in about a month; off to bed; lights out 11:12.

©2017 copyright owned and transcribed by David Madison and Deborah Sweeney
Post originally found: https://genealogylady.net/2017/06/01/davids-diary-april-14-1969/

3 thoughts on “David’s Diary – April 14, 1969

  1. davidmadison1942

    “Had a letter from Uhlinger today. Advises: “take it easy”—re: merger. The Methodist hierarchy doesn’t want to give up anything—wants true merge, not a swallowing. But joining with [? Cong….] is just plain sensible—no matter what its called; we must overlook self-interest.” Boy was I naive!

    “Med. Miss. Sisters” The Medical Mission Sisters, as I recall, a very upbeat, engaging record,

    “saw Charlie—not a very cheerful film” Yes, pretty much a downer.

    “Mrs. Marr condemned as “ridiculous” having the girls sing the prelude with guitars.” Yes, she was always the old grouch!


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