David’s Diary – April 21, 1969

Monday, April 21, 1969

Θ before arising—up about 8:15, had breakfast. My main project for today was to get the Shechen paper done (Iron I) I worked at it steadily during the day—had lunch around 12:30—but didn’t actually get to writing until late afternoon. Dozed in my chair for a while in mid-afternoon. Had about half of the paper written when I stopped for supper. Got back to work about 8:00—Bonnie went to a meeting—officers of community chorus. I finished writing about 10:00, and had about a page typed when she got home. We then went about getting trash ready for town cleanup tomorrow (cans, branches). Got back to typing, then bathed around 11:30. Bonnie went to bed, I typed some more. Wasn’t quite about to finish—making too many mistakes; off to bed, lights out about 12:20.

Tuesday, April 22, 1969

Up shortly after 8:00; had breakfast (small), then got to work finishing typing the Slechen paper. After this did about one page more on Psalm 110 paper. Shaved; at 10:30 had an early lunch, caught the 11:15 train–got to BU around noon. Had a brief chat with Larry Carter, had a sandwich with Walter Aufrecht.  Went to do xeroxing; from 2:00 til 3:45 had archaeology class—for a few minutes relaxed in Oxnam Lounge. The Isaiah class—the last one. Left about 20 minutes early. But there were no delays on the subway. Was on the train 15 minutes early—but it was late leaving; got home about 8:00—walked home in the rain with leaking shoes. After supper relaxed, played with Debby. I brought Richardson’s Hebrew typewriter home with me today, so did some toying with it in the evening—but rather tired—off to bed early 10:15; read in bed; lights out 10:55.

Wednesday, April 23, 1969

Up not too long after 8:00. Had pie for breakfast. Worked with the Hebrew typewriter, getting the Hebrew inserted into the pages already typed. Then finally got to work typing more of the manuscript itself. Had lunch around 12:30, then shaved, worked clear through until 2:45—had 14 pages done. Left immediately for BU, got there about 4:00. Attended Messiah seminar. Class over c. 5:50. Consulted with Richardson about getting Grad. School clearance for my Cambridge study. Got books from library on Isaiah, headed home, got here about 7:25—had supper, then had meeting at 8:00 (at Brewers) to draw up the questionnaire to be sent to all church members. This was over about 9:30. Came home, had coffee, worked at my desk for a while., bathed about 10:30; off to bed; read; lights out 11:32.  θ+

Thursday, April 24, 1969

David with Debby, March 1969

Up not too long after 8:00. My main concern today was to get the Psalm 110 paper finished; I got to typing after breakfast. There was an interruption around 11:00 when the mailman arrived. Letters from Paul + Marty (they’ve bought a 21 ft cabin cruiser!) and Harrell Beck—advising us to reconsider carefully going deep in debt for European study—discourages us to do so. Around noon fixed hinge on front door. Had lunch, worked all afternoon on the paper—finally, before 5 o’clock it was finished except for footnotes + bibliography. Had to turn then to get ready for the Bible Class. Read hurriedly through Malachi and Ruth, had supper, work a few minutes on footnotes; Bible class arrived at 8:00; 6 in attendance—we did Malachi: this was over by 9:30. Finished footnotes + bibliography—all done! Straightened up my study—bathed, off to bed; lights out after reading 12:25.

Friday, April 25, 1969

Up before 8:30. The main concern today was to get going on the Messiah paper. But after the big push yesterday, my heart wasn’t in it. Anyway I had to spend the morning on correspondence—had to write letters to seminaries [?] for the Joint Youth Group, and re: my ordination. Went to the post office. Didn’t get down to work really until after lunch—I procrastinated, getting distracted by articles in the IDB. [1] But did make some significant progress—at least made a good start. Stopped for supper about 6:30. Watched CBS news. Back to my desk about 8:00. Did more work on the Messiah paper—probably reached the ½ way point. Then straightened up my desk—after pie + coffee—then read thru Meth. History notes (from Dr. Brown’s course) for session—and began on it. But about 10:00 or 10:30 left off of this—Bonnie and I discussed pros + cons of European trip—we would have to borrow 1-2 thousand. Bathed, off to bed; lights out 12:12.

Saturday, April 26, 1969

Up about 7:15—dear Debby wasn’t sleepy any longer!  But I was able to get my sermon done by nine o’clock. Then I did the bulletins. About 10:20 Bonnie, Debbie + I took a walk—to the Post Office, and then to Alan Federick’s; we all come home then Alan wanted to use our vacuum to clean his car. He stayed for lunch. Bonnie poured boiling water into the blue (wedding-gift) pitcher—it shattered, hot water all over—nobody hurt, but we mourn the loss of the beautiful pitcher. Bonnie + Alan washed cars, I napped around 1 o’clock briefly, then got to work again on my paper. In the afternoon Bonnie repaired two seats in the VW. I worked all afternoon on the paper. Stopped about 5:45 to help with supper. Then back to work again. Finally finished the rough draft about 9:00. Then turned to polishing the service for tomorrow; bathed; off to bed at 11:10 (12:10 actually!) lights out.

Sunday, April 27, 1969

Up about 8:15; had breakfast, shaved, did feel like beginning typing on the Messiah paper. Got all ready for church, walked around in the yard and took some pictures of the cat. Off to church about 10:20. Preached another sermon on Wesley and the founding of Methodism. Less than 40 in church. Home by 12:15. Weary after lunch—napped until about 3:00, then got started on the typing. This paper is going faster than the Psalm 110 paper. By the time I stopped for supper around 6:45 I had 7 pages done. After supper went to Methodist men. Becky Bussey came to visit with Bonnie while Jim + I attended the meeting. We didn’t get back until about 10:00. Judge Jodrey gave a long slide show very interesting—terrific photos! After Busseys left I got back to typing, but didn’t get too far, too weary—stopped to go to bed about 11:35. Took pictures of Debby + Bonnie today in mother-daughter outfits; lights out 11:45.


[1] Interpreter’s Dictionary of the Bible

©2017 copyright owned and transcribed by David Madison and Deborah Sweeney
Post originally found: https://genealogylady.net/2017/06/02/davids-diary-april-21-1969/

1 thought on “David’s Diary – April 21, 1969

  1. davidmadison1942

    “walked home in the rain with leaking shoes.” 😦 “Had pie for breakfast.” 🙂

    “Harrell Beck—advising us to reconsider carefully going deep in debt for European study—discourages us to do so.” Wise advice.

    “Preached another sermon on Wesley and the founding of Methodism.” I do wonder how boring I was. 😦


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