David’s Diary – May 5, 1969

Monday, 5 May 1969

Up by 8:30—but had a headache—had breakfast, took aspirin—but the headache lingered. I didn’t get much done in the morning—my head was bothering me too much. But I did make some progress in cleaning my desk, filing. We had lunch about 1:00, shaved, about 1:45 I got up to Hannibals, at 2:30 I went to see Bertha Wicky to talk about the current turmoil in the church—didn’t leave there utnil almost 4:00. Came home; books had arrived from Cokesbury, Gideon, by Pritchard—for the Bible class to give to Helen Evarts. I took it over to her home—saw her briefly—very ill. Helped Bonnie with supper; called Dr. Richardson to have him send me a map to his home for Wed. evening. About 6:30 we took Debby to Patriquins, then headed to Lawrence to see the movie, Lion in Winter—back to Patriquins by 11:20; home; snacked; bathed; off to bed; lights out 11:55.

Tuesday, 6 May 1969

Up about 9:30. Breakfast; spent the morning making a door for the top of the stairway (back) to prevent Debby from falling down stairs on way from bedroom to Bonnie’s sewing room. This was finished by about 12:30 or so. Had lunch after shaving. Went calling; saw Mrs. Parsons, Mrs. Martin, Mrs. Leary, Anna + Alvina—also Virginia Bate. Home about 5:30. Had supper; typed stencil of proposed letter + questionnaire for Admin. Board approval. Picked up Hazle Lord for baby sitting about 7:00, went to the church, trustees meeting briefly at 7:15—then the Administrative Board meeting at 7:30. A divisive meeting—I was again attacked + insulted by Alice Marr. Quite an uproar. Announced at the beginning of my report that we’re moving to England; meeting broke up about 9:30. After we got home, we went to the Patriquins; Winnie Gamage was there. Stayed to about 11:15; home again;bathed; off to bed; 12:20.

Wednesday, 7 May 1969

Don’t recall when we got up—much of the day was very blah. After breakfast I set out to get the lawn mowed. Got the mower out of the basement. Changed oil, cleaned, put in new gas—but wouldn’t start. Went + bought new spark plug but still wouldn’t work. We had a late lunch—after which I napped. Up about 3:00. Typed stencils for the letter and questionnaire to be sent. Then got ready to go. About 4:30 we left, took Debby to Busseys for the evening, then drove to Newton to Dr. Richardson’s for supper. Arrived about 6:30—left about 10:00. We had an enjoyable supper and socializing with class members and wives. We played a game of probe [1] with Les + Jeannie [?] Strong. We got to Busseys about 11:00, home by 11:30. Debby didn’t awake on way home. Bathed, off to bed; lights out 12:30.

Thursday, 8 May 1969


David and Debby, Spring 1969

Up at 8:00. No breakfast; immediately did the mimeographing. This was finished by 8:45. Then had to call Emma Last to be organist. Went on errands—Ornes, post office, to see Jean Crowell at the Bank. Got gas, home about 10:15. We got ready to go; left about 10:45. Arrived in Avon at 12:10. Went 128 around Boston to the west. The object of the visit is to relax. In the afternoon played cards and napped. We had supper at 5:00. Relaxed; Grandma’s friend Merle and husband Tom came over about 6:40. We watched TV and visited; then we showed them our slides. We didn’t want to have to spend an evening in conversation with them—so we decided that slides were the best preoccuption. They left about 9:00. Debby was still going—has had little nap today; finally asleep by 10:00. Bathed; off to bed; lights out 10:52.

Friday, 9 May 1969

A do-nothing day. Up at 9:00; had breakfast. Finally got around to shaving—just sat around in the morning. After lunch, relaxed, read, about mid-afternoon Bonnie and I went shopping. At Sears I got a new pair of casual shoes—very comfortable. Then at Kings I bought a new pair of slacks—green plaid, and a belt. Several other items; we got back to Grandma’s about 4:45. I called BU to renew a book. About 5:00 we had supper. Then watched TV. At 7:30 we began to get ready to go. Left Avon at 8:00—went to the west 128 route around Boston—75 miles to Rockport; we were home by 9:20. Our cat was desperate for attention—and to get outside. But we didn’t allow her out. Got everything in + put away; called Pat + Gary Holmes—they were expecting us this evening; read, relaxed, bathed; off to bed; lights out 11:45. θ+

Saturday, 10 May 1969

Up with Debby by 8:30. Bonnie stayed in bed—didn’t get downstairs until almost 11:00. I fed Debby breakfast, worked on sermon. Mother called shortly after Bonnie came downstairs—wants us to come to Indiana for their 40th wedding anniversary. We have decided to do this since she called. Had lunch, shaved, finished sermon, typed + ran off the bulletins. Then set out with Debby on my back; we went down to Bear Skin Neck and bought Bonnie a Mother’s Day gift. Then went to call on Esther Longley. Home about 4:30. Then helped with supper—put a pie together; after supper we went over to Wesley Church in Gloucester to the Arts, Crafts, Hobby show—in which some of Bonnie’s sewing is displayed. Home about 8:45. Entertained Alan Fedrich and his parents—showed slides hurriedly—pausing at those with Alan. They went home after 10; bathed; off to bed; θ+; lights out 11:55.

Sunday, 11 May 1969

Awake around 8:00. I had hidden Bonnie’s Mother’s Day gift under the bed, and Debby and I gave it to her after Debby’s bottle: two blue glass candlesticks. Then I got up and did more work on the service—small breakfast, shaved, dressed. Off to the church at 10:00—had to go through things with Jim Tanner. Had 38 at the service—communion. Alice Marr asked to be friends. Didn’t get home til almost 1:00. After lunch we finished 3 rolls of film—in 3 different cameras. Napped, at 3:00 went to the church; we had a meeting with Roxbury people about placing students here in Rockport. This was over about 5:00; came home—after taking more pictures around the church—fixed supper, baked 2 pies. After supper, at 6:30 went back to the church for Joint Youth meeting; home at 7:30. We went to Wesley church to Hobby Show; 9:30 to Patriquins, stayed there until after 11:00; home again; too weary to bathe; off to bed; lights out 11:45.

[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Probe_(parlor_game)

©2017 copyright owned and transcribed by David Madison and Deborah Sweeney
Post originally found: https://genealogylady.net/2017/06/04/davids-diary-may-5-1969/

4 thoughts on “David’s Diary – May 5, 1969

  1. davidmadison1942

    “A divisive meeting—I was again attacked + insulted by Alice Marr. Quite an uproar.” “Alice Marr asked to be friends.” I think I remember that olive branch…it was so out of character for her!

    “Grandma’s friend Merle and husband Tom” I do remember them…quite an odd pair.

    “We didn’t want to have to spend an evening in conversation with them—so we decided that slides were the best preoccuption.” 🙂

    In the background of that pic of you & me on the floor: I built those shelves!


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