David’s Diary – May 12, 1969

Monday, 12 May 1969

Up about 8:30. Had breakfast. My main concern today was to get letters written—wrote to the folks, Mrs. Myers, David Watson, Gary Myers [1], Harrell Beck. Had lunch around 1 o’clock. In mid-afternoon we all three went down to the Ross Candle shop on Bear Skin Neck and bought two swirl candles for the blue candlesticks that Bonnie got for Mother’s Day. Bonnie went to Gloucester shopping—I went with Debby to call on Gracie Harris. We got home about 4:30—then both of us napped. At 5:30 I got up, fixed supper. Bonnie got home shortly after 6:00, just as I was finishing with feeding Debby. After supper we went to Crowells—to visit and pick up his trailer for hauling debris tomorrow. Home about 9:00. I photographed the candles. We then did some planning for the Indiana trip—I wrote to Paul + Marty + to Kings; bathed; off to bed; lights out 12:40.

Tuesday, 13 May 1969

Up at  8:45 set up + wetted down our tent—after a big breakfast, got to the main project of the morning:  going to the dump. Loaded the trash burner onto the trailer, Plus trash, cans, etc. Was home from the dump by 11:00.  Went to work in my study—had to type post-cards handle letter. Bonnie was hard at work sewing—so I got lunch and fed Debby. Went to the bank for travelers checks + cash—nap when I got home—about 3:30 we went to Gloucester—Took the lawn mower to Bussey’s—Roger Cressy will look at it. Then we went shopping—buy groceries and supplies for camping next week.  Stopped at Crowells on the way home to leave the trailer; home shortly before 6:00. After supper just relaxed—I have worked to do, let’s felt in the mood just to relax—read more in Giotto.  Bathed about 10:00.  Read in bed; θ, lights out at 11:30.

Wednesday, 14 May 1969

Took 14 pictures of flowers + Rockport. Up about 8:15. Breakfast, worked at my desk, sorting, filing, straightening up. Overcast outside, showery—put the tent out again. Called in order to Sears for spare bulb for projector and water-proofing compound for  the tent. Mail man brought slides and pictures, which we stopped to look at. After lunch, shaved, Homer Orne + I went to call on Miss Ingles—prospective organist. Then stopped at Emma Laste’s to photograph her flower bank. Then to Gloucester to pick up the lawn mower. Back home; Bonnie, Debby + I drove over to Pigeon Cove to photograph a tree—home again, I napped. Up at 5:30. Made out an order for bulletins, fixed supper. 7:30-8:30 watched Jacques Costeau program on the sea. Worked at desk briefly; at 9:00—shortly after we went down to the Patriquins to show our slides; home just before 11:00 to watch news—Nixon’s proposal for Vietnam peace; off to read in bed; lights out 12:16.

Thursday, 15 May 1969

Debby and the family cat, 1969

Kittens born! Up shortly before 9:00; had breakfast, then got to mowing. About 10:00 Homer + Sarah came over to leave some things since they’re going on vacation. Returned to mowing about 11:00—stopped to read mail—Jim Bussey came over to get jugs of water. Back to mowing; finished about 12:30. Had lunch. Fatigued. Not used to physical exertion! Napped briefly—or at least tried to. Worked for a while on my Bible Class lesson: Joel. Napped. About 3:00 I went to pay a call on Sarah Wilton—met Mrs. Green—a young woman, articulate, well read, but confessed to be a fundamentalist. Home again before 5:00. Began tearing down fence in yard—one section; worked on Joel. Had supper (fixed it too)—after 7:30, worked briefly on the fence—about 7:45 discovered the cat in the closet—with 3 kittens. 8:00-9:00 Bible class—not really—only 2 showed up: Virginia + Hazel Brady. Worked on sermon; bathed; off to bed; lights out at 12:18.

Friday, 16 May 1969

Θ before arising at 8:45. Had breakfast; my first concern of the day was to get the marriage ceremony of Pat + Gary Holmes typed. This took most of the morning; time out to read the mail. Around noon—after Bonnie had finished Debby’s new dress, we all went out into the yard for picture taking—Debby 9 months old today. Then we fixed lunch; shaved; tried unsuccessfully to turn off heater in VW. We then set about getting ready to go to Boston. Left at 3:00. Arrived at BU before 4:00. Several errands to tend to. Found out my grades: Isaiah, A, Archaeology + Messiah, A-, which was a disappointment. Saw Drs. Richardson + [???: Luccoch ???] briefly. Bonnie went to Sears to pick up projector bulb and water proofing for tent. At 6:00 we stopped in briefly to see Larry Burton. At 6:30 were at Pat + Gary’s apartment. Had supper + visit. Headed home about 10:30. Arrived about 11:30. The cat left her young for the first time; bathed; off to bed; lights out 12:56.

Saturday, 17 May 1969

(Cat went outside today for first time since delivering.) Slept late—not up until about 9:30. Had breakfast, then got to work to water-proof the tent. Saw Alan Fedrick in his parking lot, chatted with him; he appears to be ready to buy a house. Worked on the tent until about 2:00—with time out for lunch. After finishing the tent (one coat, outside + inside), finished taking up the part of the tent in the yard we didn’t want. Then stopped to shave and bathe. About 4:00 Bonnie, Debby + I went shopping; bought film and Bermuda shorts. Got home about 5:30.  I went over to see the Hannibals since we’ll be away next Saturday. Home about 6:30; watched the news—had supper. After supper had to get to work again on the sermon. Finished the sermon, then did the bulletins, made phone calls (earlier); took a break during writing sermon to play with Debby—a fast crawler these days. Finally finished on the service about 12:20.  Off to bed; lights out 12:32.

Sunday, 18 May 1969

Up at 6:00 a.m.—ugh! Had to be at Riverdale Church at 7:00 for communion service—helped Forrest Clark and Jim Bussey serve. Home by about 9:00 after the breakfast. Was able to relax for a while. Alan Federick arrived with his car to help get the record player to church. Preached in Isaiah 63:7-64:11—not over 40 in church. Home in time to see the launch of Apollo 10. About 1:00 we went to the Patriquins for lunch. So drowsy afterward. Came home about 3:00 for a conference with Jim Tanner about next Sunday’s worship. Tried to nap between 4:00 and 5:00 but not much luck. At 5:00 had a meeting of Joint Youth Steering com. at the church. Lasted until 6:30. Spent the evening after supper doing a number of things to prepare for the trip—packing, working on car, desk work, bulletin for next Sunday; about 11:30 bathed; off to bed; lights out 12:00.


[1] One of my college roommates at I.U.

©2017 copyright owned and transcribed by David Madison and Deborah Sweeney
Post originally found: https://genealogylady.net/2017/06/05/davids-diary-may-12-1969/

1 thought on “David’s Diary – May 12, 1969

  1. davidmadison1942

    “bought two swirl candles for the blue candlesticks” I do remember those.

    ” Found out my grades: Isaiah, A, Archaeology + Messiah, A-, which was a disappointment.” Well, who doesn’t want a full A!!

    “(Cat went outside today for first time since delivering.)” Hmmm….I wonder what we did with the new little family when we left on our trip…maybe the diary will reveal! 🙂


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