David’s Diary – August 11, 1969

Monday, 11 August 1969

I made a successful return to German today; last night I again had trouble getting to sleep last night, so I didn’t get up until about 9:30. After breakfast I got to work on German, and began to make significant progress after the mail arrived. After lunch (+ shaving) I got back to Germany until after 3:00; changed Wayside pulpit, went to the P.O., went to Gloucester on errands; came home by about 5:00 and worked on German until supper time. Watched CBS news with supper. Then did painting; put second coat on window in the back hall. About 9:00 returned to German. This evening I suggested to Bonnie that we buy a camper and vacation here in the U.S. next summer; Bonnie goes for this. Bathed around 11:00, then returned to working on German. Bonnie has one cushion of my chair recovered; OBLO, 12:30.

Tuesday, 12 August 1969

A lot of physical exercise today. Up about 9:00; after breakfast I went to Gloucester to Sears store and bought oil for the mower. On the way home I picked up Bill Crowell’s trailer. At home I filled it up: got rid of a big pile of rotting wood out back + the old trash barrel. When I got back from the dump I got the mower ready to run (change oil, clean filter); then mowed about half the yard before stopping for lunch around 1:00; after lunch shaved, Then called VW place in Beverly about ordering 1970 VW—they won’t have specifications + pricing till October. I changed tire on the VW and finished mowing; bathed, did an errand at the hardware store then visited Lucy Patience; home again, napped, fixed supper while Bonnie worked on the cushions. After supper (+ CBS news) worked in study—mimeoed advert for Hymnsing. Hung curtains, bathed after news at 11:00, OB Study German; LO 12:08.

Wednesday, 13 August 1969

Up not too long after 8:00; breakfast after shaving; put car top carrier on, then left for Boston around 9:50. Arrived at BU in good time, found a parking place in front of the School of Theology; checked on a few details, then drove down to Cokesbury; then walked on down to the Gardens (Boston Public) ate my lunch and took a few photos. Then about 12:45 headed to the airport; watched planes coming and going Bob, Lee + John arrived about 2:24. We headed home, stopping for booze + bread on the way; got here about 4:00. Relaxed, visited, began preparations for supper—barbecued chicken outside; when we finished supper we went strolling down to Bearskin Neck; Bonnie + Lea  went their way, Bob, John + I ours. Later we got together, came home, viewed our vacation slides; visited, bathed; OB, LO c. midnight.

Thursday, 14 August 1969

A day of little accomplishment. Up shortly after 8:00; had breakfast, then took the cat over to Dr. Babson’s office to be spayed, came home, had breakfast. I simply was not in the mood to do German, so got no more than a few sentences done all day. After lunch (loafed in the A.M.) I went back to Babson’s office to get the cat—she (or rather now, “it”) is miserable. When I got home, Lee + Bob were removing the things from my study—the carpet was on the way—so a good part of the afternoon was spent putting my study in order. Later we all went down to the Neck, where are Lea bought a $150 painting (on velvet; a ship). Home again, I stayed with Debbie while others went for a ride; I watched CBS news, napped.  We had supper about 8:30, relaxed, chatted all evening. Stopped to bathe about 11:00; we pity the cat, who appears to be in pain; OB to read LO, 11:24.

Friday, 15 August 1969

Forget when I got up; right after breakfast I went to Cape Ann Ticket + Label Co. to approve letterhead; when I got home + finally got to work, it was on my sermon; I had it outlined by the end of the morning; Bonnie + Lea came home from shopping with several purchases—mostly for Debbie. After lunch I went to work again on the sermon; stopped about 3:00 and went to see Mrs Patience—found out when I got there that John died this morning. After staying a while there I went to see Homer Orne, mainly to get check for postage. Came home, went to the post office, then went down to Bearskin Neck to do gift shopping for Bonnie + Debbie’s birthdays. After getting home wrapped gifts; about 6:00 we went to Captain Courageous restaurant in Gloucester. Visited statute [sic]—came home, chatted all evening; bathed OBLO, 12:38.

Saturday, 16 August 1969

–Debbie 1 year old!  Got up about 8:00. Had breakfast, shaved, went back to bed (dressed) until about 9:00. Then I took Bob, Lea + John to Logan airport; was home by 11:15. Grandma + Emil were here. The rest of the day was spent on the move for the most part—and I finished the sermon between runs. About 2:40 I went to the church to help set up tables (about 2:30 Pat Henry called from Canada—wanting more info. on Diane); then about 3:30 I went to see Lucy Patience about the funeral service. Returned home, finished sermon, about 5:00 I went to the church to meet people + possibly be of help. Bonnie + the others came down about 6:00. I went home by 8:00, we played with Debbie; gave her more gifts. I worked on the service, did the bulletins. Visited with Grandma + Emil. Bathed, OBLO about 10:30.

Sunday, 17 August 1969

Up shortly before 8:30. Breakfast, shaved, practiced sermon, off to church about 9:40, About 36 in service—preached on Fishers of Men—very hot + sticky. After church showed my newly “rugged” study to Drew + Kay. Went out to Roy Lee about ordering new car and Playboy’s[1] came home, had lunch, about 2 o’clock took the cats to Dr. Babson’s office—had to wait (Kay Patriquin went too) mother cat had stitches out; daughter cat had distemper shot—home by 3:30. Napped—5:30–6:30 love making—unsuccessfully; we talked about our difficulties over supper. About 7:30 I went to the funeral home, sat with Lucy Patience about half an hour. Came home about 8:30. We then went down to Patriquins. Had birthday party for Debbie; took pictures + movies. Stayed until 11:00; watched late news; bathed, OBLO, 12:07.

[1] This entry surprised me! In college I had a huge collection of Playboy magazines—in fact I had every issues for several years running. I sold that at one point. I guess I was trying to convince myself that I was straight; it was also a matter of posturing (determined to convince others as well).

©2017 copyright owned and transcribed by David Madison and Deborah Sweeney
Post originally found: https://genealogylady.net/2017/06/23/davids-diary-august-11-1969/

1 thought on “David’s Diary – August 11, 1969

  1. davidmadison1942

    “I suggested to Bonnie that we buy a camper and vacation here in the U.S. next summer” Another mindset…ancient history…

    “We headed home, stopping for booze + bread on the way” Ha Ha…defiling the Methodist parsonage. 🙂

    “Lea bought a $150 painting (on velvet; a ship)” I remember that. It was truly hideous.

    “Then I took Bob, Lea + John to Logan airport” They probably got out on Saturday so that they wouldn’t have to endure church on Sunday!


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