David’s Diary – August 18, 1969

Monday, 18 August 1969

Up shortly before 9:00; had breakfast, straightened up my desk—tended to odds and ends. Letter from Dr. Beck suggesting that we confer at Edding, N.H. Alan Federick came over and we read German until after 12:00. Alan left, we had lunch, I wrote to Beck, Chorpenning [?] + Levon King (indicating that he can still buy our car); went to the funeral home about 2:45—beastly hot day. After the funeral (John Patience) also went to the cemetery—was home by 4:00. Changed, went to Alan’s to read German, because sleepy came home about 5:00—relaxed, watched news 6:00-7:00; had supper. After supper went to my study, relaxed; then spent the evening on the bed studying chapters in the German grammar. Debbie was playing in the room, climbing all over the place—Bonnie + I pushed her back + forth on her new “creative coaster”; bathed, OB Θ+  LO c. 11:30.

Tuesday 19 August 1969

Up about 8:30. Breakfast, the[n] worked in my study—did straightening up and odds and ends; also went to the post office, changed wayside pulpit, went to the police department for applications for driver’s licenses—we put them in the mail immediately. I got letters about the hymnsing ready to go out. After lunch, shaved; did more puttering in my study while Bonnie was off shopping. Phone call from Roy Lee concerning our new car; he has ordered it—should have it by Oct. 1. Bonnie brought back the package of letterheads from printer; I wrote to the graduate school about being here this fall; finally got to German late in the afternoon. Fixed supper, then got to German in the evening and helped Bonnie a little in her efforts to get the back room ready as Debbie’s play room—lights out by 10:20 ?

Wednesday, 20 August 1969

Up at 4:00 AM looking at Orion—outside! Considered taking pictures  Another day of little accomplishment; still bogged down in lethargy. Up about 9:00. After breakfast, I went about fastening down the metal piece, apparatus actually, which fits in the hole in dining room ceiling/Debbie’s play room floor. I did German off and on during the day, but not very enthusiastically. Bonnie was gone most of the afternoon on errands and shopping. I stayed with Debbie, did German, dozed. About 6:00 I started on supper—had it about ready when Bonnie got home. Got back to work (?!) after relaxing after supper in Debbie’s room. She climbed all over us. Contacted Paul Deats by phone, arranged to take German exam Sept 3rd. Tried, but failed (as of 11:22) to reach Dr. Beck by phone; stopped to bathe, tended to the cats OBLO, 11:47.

Thursday, 21 August 1969

Up about 9:00, while getting breakfast Dr. Beck called from Epping. We arranged to meet tomorrow afternoon. In the morning I didn’t get much done; we took several pictures of Debbie in her yellow play suit. We talked about camping trailers. I shaved before lunch; after eating I went to the post office, dropped off hymnsing posters downtown,  strolled down Bearskin Neck, then visited Lucy Patience. After returning home I got to work on my sermon; napped—sound asleep. Put fish in the oven, worked more on sermon, almost half done. Had supper, then dropped Debbie off at Patriquins; then we went to the show in Gloucester; saw Oliver—thoroughly enjoyable. Got to Patriquins about 11:00, but stayed only a few minutes. Came home, fixed lunch for tomorrow’s trip; bathed; OBLO, 12:20.

Friday, 22 August 1969

Up about 8:00; breakfast, wrote (typed) my petition to take German exam on Sept. 3rd. Shaved, loaded car—we headed for Epping N.H. (Camp Hedding) about 9:30. Debbie surprised us—she got car-sick—threw up. We were stopped about 10-20 minutes cleaning up. We went straight to Exeter to the mill. Bonnie spent about an hour getting cloth. I put up the playpen on the yard—Debbie played while I worked on sermon—I took several photos of her. About noon we head[ed] to Camp Hedding. Had lunch with Becks—spent the afternoon in conversation—about many things including my course work this next year. We left Becks about 4:20, arrived home in Rockport 5:45. Called Alan Federick after supper, CBS news (+ after bolting down shelves in Debbie’s room); Pat is with him! Too lethargic in evening to do much; relaxed, bathed OBLO 11:28.

Saturday, 23 August 1969

Up before 9:00. Had breakfast, shaved—my main preoccupation today was getting ready for tomorrow (preaching twice)  By the time that I stopped for lunch I finished sermon. After lunch I puttered around at the desk and also got the bulletins run off. Mid-afternoon I went up to see Rip Hannibal; he wasn’t home so came back. Napped. When I got up I got to work typing the sermon—had to put it on small sheets since the pulpit at Riverdale is small. Had supper, watched NBC news—only 3,000 troops have been “withdrawn” from Vietnam; is supposed to be 25,000 by the end of August. More tricky Dick. After supper chatted outside with neighbors who are redoing furniture. Then got to work preparing for the services tomorrow. Practiced sermon twice. Bonnie sewed all evening; bathed about 10; OB, LO, by 11.

Sunday, 24 August 1969

Up at 6:00! Took my time getting breakfast, shaving. Left for Riverdale about 7:15. Went through the service with organist. Preached the 8 o’clock service. Arrived back home a few minutes after 9:00; stretched out a few minutes. Went to church about 9:35. Preached on “Jephthah and Herod.” [1] Home by 11:30. Watched news, helped with lunch. Very hot today; napped naked on the bed; helped Bonnie get cool by going over her with a wet cloth. We gave each other our birthday gifts—I gave her a book on camping; she gave me a pillow for reading in bed. ΘFO. Then we went for a walk down Bearskin Neck; took pictures. Very crowded; came home, had no supper. Just drinks. About 7:00 I headed to the church for the hymnsing. Small crowd. Busseys came up to the house with us afterwards. We visited for about an hour. After they left I had a supper; bathed, OBLO, 11:40.

[1] I shudder to think what that was about!

©2017 copyright owned and transcribed by David Madison and Deborah Sweeney
Post originally found: https://genealogylady.net/2017/06/24/davids-diary-august-18-1969/

1 thought on “David’s Diary – August 18, 1969

  1. davidmadison1942

    “Up at 4:00 AM looking at Orion” I remember that. It was perfectly framed by the bedroom window beside the bed.

    “arranged to take German exam Sept 3rd” Scary!

    “had to put it on small sheets since the pulpit at Riverdale is small.” Ah the old days–old school sermoning–preaching from a manuscript. At least I was thinking ahead.


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