David’s Diary – August 25, 1969

Monday, 25 August 1969

Up about 8:30. Had breakfast, then got to work in my study. Made a successful return to German today. Reviewed 10 pp. in Noth without trying hard. Could do more. Bonnie went shopping in the morning. Very hot day—92 ° about noon. I shaved before lunch. Chatted with Eddie Garcia (?sp.) from next door. Helped Bonnie unload car when she got home, after lunch got back to German with several interruptions in the afternoon. About 4:00 I went to visit with Mrs. Patience. By 5:00 I went to the Patriquins to tell Kay we wouldn’t be down tonight—slides haven’t come back. |Les + I got into discussion on NT; he’s just read Passover Plot. Came home, worked more on German. We ate about 6:30, CBS news. Worked more on German, then we went for a drive around the Cape. Drove by Alan Federick’s house; saw Pat in the window. Home and back to work by 8:45. Stopped to bathe about 10:45. Studied Deutsch in bed; LO, 11:47.

Tuesday, 26 August 1969

Up about 8:00; had breakfast and tried to get to work; but I’ve been having so much trouble getting started in the morning, and the German review doesn’t excite me much, so I found things to do other than German. The mail man brought two boxes of slides which we viewed. I shaved before lunch, and while Bonnie was getting lunch I went to the dump, then went and voted in the special primary; voted for Michael Harrington. Had lunch, then got back to work; Bonnie went swimming at the pits with Bill next door. I worked in German until about 6:20. Watched CBS news, had supper. At 7:30 I went to see Phil Parker to confer about the Sunday School; not enough teachers. Left him about 8:45, came home then went immediately to Patriquins—Bonnie + Debbie had already gone down. We showed our new slides + movie which had arrived last Sat. Home by 11:00; news: Harrington won; bathed; OB read Θ+ LO, 12:10.

Wednesday, 27 August 1969

Up about 9:15. Breakfast, then to my study—found  things to do besides German, which has been the pattern recently. Mail man brought letter from Diane Nancekevill, worried about Alan. Did get some German done when we stopped for lunch. After lunch shaved; replied to Diane’s letter, went to post office, went to see Sue Lee, asked her to teach in Sunday School—she will. Went to see Rip Hannibal, but he wasn’t home. Returned home, got back to German. Late in the afternoon received a phone call from Pat Henry, who is now with Alan. Talked for about an hour—until about 5:30. Then I worked on German until about 6:30. Stopped for supper + CBS news. About 8:00 went to see Phil Parker; we won’t need to send the letter we had anticipated—only need 3 classes. Home by 8:45. Worked on German, with interruptions until about 11:00; bathed; studied driving manual; OBLO 12:00.

Thursday, 28 August 1969

Up about 8:45—after breakfast got to work on German surprisingly quickly—and made progress. Got a distressed call late in the morning from Diane in Canada. After lunch shaved, then back to work on German. About 3:00 went up to see Rip Hannibal—finally found him at home. He gave us a bag of pears. After getting home I got back to work on German. Then about 6:15 I got another phone call from Diane—also spoke with her father. They assume that Alan is alone in his house; do not know that Pat is there. Want me to go over there with an MD to help Alan. After supper I did go over to Alan’s; stayed until about 10:00. He was relatively sober, but his moods fluctuated. He’s willing to see Don McGaw for talk and referral. Doesn’t want to tell Diane over the phone about Pat—yet can’t go to Montreal; tried unsuccessfully after getting home to contact Don; studied driving manual; OBLO.

Friday, 29 August 1969

Up about 8:00 after Θ; breakfast, shaved; we left here about 9:00 to go to the Registry of Motor Vehicles in Beverly to get our car registered and get our new licenses. We got there about 9:40—were out about 10:45—we both passed the tests. We then went to the VW place and saw Roy Lee—he arranged a road test for us. We like the squareback. We then headed home, got here shortly after 12:00. Looked at the mail, then I went for bread, came back, had lunch. Then Bonnie went for an eye exam. I had planned to get work on my sermon done, but no luck. Jim Bussey came over to work on his car in our shade. I put the new plates on our car, after short trip to pick up Sunday school catalogue + charcoal. Busseys stayed for supper—we cooked outside. They had to go home suddenly when Becky began not feeling well—a lost evening; photographed charcoal; bathed; read in bed; LO 10:30.

Saturday, 30 August 1969

Up about 9:00—had slept very well. This morning I occupied myself sorting, dating, numbering the two boxes of slides which we have recently received back. Very slow to getting to vital matters. Shaved before lunch—which wasn’t til about 1:00. Busseys arrived about 1:00—he did more work on the car. I did get to work in my study. By 4:30 I had done 3 stencils: Admin. Bd. List, Sermon schedule, bulletin for tomorrow. Then I went down to see Lucy Patience. Got back home around 6:00. Fixed supper since Bonnie was sacked out. After supper got back to work—typed stencil for newsletter, then did sermon. About half done by 10:00. Stopped to run off the stencil (also tried unsuccessfully to catch Mrs. Field’s cat). After running off the stencils got back to sermon. Didn’t finish til about 1:00; worked on service; stopped to bathe; worked more on service; OBLO 2:06.

Sunday, 31 August 1969

A full, busy day. Up at 7:45—hard to get up. Breakfasted, shaved, dressed, practiced sermon. Left for church about 9:30. Preached on “Sword of the Prince of Peace”—about 30 in church. Home by about 11:30. Signed all the pastoral letters before lunch. After lunch ^talk with Rev. Baily on phone^ I went right to work getting the pastoral letters ready to be mailed; then had to tend to several letters—to seminaries about youth leader, to Levon King and others. This took my whole afternoon. Dropped off letters to Mrs. Cooney + to post office. Came home, straightened up desk part way; relaxed, napped until about 6:00—then started working on supper. After supper, I finished putting my desk in order—took picture of myself in chair. Then got down to German—put in about 1½ hours. Stopped about 10:00 to bathe. Debbie today climbed (via rocking chair) onto dressing table + discovered that light bulbs are hot! Studied German in bed, LO 11:05.

©2017 copyright owned and transcribed by David Madison and Deborah Sweeney
Post originally found: https://genealogylady.net/2017/06/25/davids-diary-august-25-1969/

1 thought on “David’s Diary – August 25, 1969

  1. davidmadison1942

    “After running off the stencils got back to sermon. Didn’t finish til about 1:00; worked on service; stopped to bathe; worked more on service; OBLO 2:06.” Oy…why did I do that!

    “I finished putting my desk in order—took picture of myself in chair.” Hmmmm. I wonder if that’s the photo you’re using here for the blog.


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