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Another Saturday (Gladys)

Letter transcription:
Kentland, Ind.
Jan. 8 – 1944

Dear Daddy –

Another Sat. and opera on. I have been having a splitting headache the past two days and the piano and radio aren’t any help, but our John loves his opera. About this headache I think I’ll have to start taking shots again, Thelin, or something. I took a few the first of last year but haven’t had any now since about last May or June. I had my glasses changed and I think the headache isn’t from eyestrain due to occurance around the 28 day cycle, which is oftener sometimes (the cycle). The lump that was removed white you were in medical school is growing again. Dr. Cole made an examination and said we would watch it closely and if it grows too rapidly would remove it again. I haven’t been to see Dr. C. for some time but thought I would go in the near future due to the recurring pains, which seem to be more constant and severe. Now don’t worry about it, I will see the Dr. soon and he will do what should be done. However I don’t want to have anything done now, and won’t unless he think necessary. I am sure it isn’t large enough to be alarmed about at present. About the original size.

I have been trying without success to break the thumb sucking habit and I pinned sox over David’s hands, onto his sleeves this afternoon when I put him to bed for his nap. He cried and fussed around a long time but finally gave up. I told John with all his (John’s) stubbornness he was easier to train than David. I remember it wasn’t any

[page 2] trick at all to break John of his finger sucking habit. I spanked David yesterday for getting things out of the chest of drawers in his room. He knew what it was all about and cried very loudly for w while, but it took effect and he left the drawers alone. He has a very winning smile and knows how to use it. He is like Mark, never sees a stranger. I knitted a pr. of mitten to match his snow suit – He won’t leave them on, but I think most babies are like that about having their hands covered. I want to knit a spring outfit for him. I started a sweater for Romaine last night. It is white and to be plain in design so won’t be hard to do.

Mark is out playing with some boys from his room. I wanted him to stay in and work on a plane he is building but the urge for action was too strong. I haven’t had an X-ray made yet but will try to get him down one day next week. He is better again. I haven’t noticed any signs of nervousness the last few days. He made all kinds of New Year’s resolutions. John didn’t make any – guess he thinks he is good enough as is. The difference in those two – They are certainly two extremes.

Cliff Shandy & family are home. He has been assigned to Miami, but evidently to be there temporarily, because Mrs. & baby are going to remain here. I was just thinking about his former boss and how he worked to get a C.P.O. and Cliff is now an Ensign. And also I wonder why Cliff could get a commission and Newell couldn’t. I suppose Cliff must have had more college work than Newell, tho they are both grads from law schools.

Mrs. Lonce called me for your address. Her son (the one you visited on Christmas eve) wants to write to you. He is still in N.C. I am forwarding the greeting Dr. M. sent and due to lack of address was returned to us. I gave Ellsworth W. your address and he said he would write, but I am not so sure. He says you will probably get back in time to shove his off.

[page 3] More and more are going from here all the time. I told you Jack Sullivan is one of the latest. He was put in the Navy. I wonder how he will get along with his “lisp”? I think I failed to mention Lloyd Tilton’s discharge from the Army. He went A.W.O.L., then claimed to have a nervous breakdown. All the above info from D.K. However he is out and has been around town. Bus Daily got a medical discharge from the marines. His trouble was a nervous stomach.

David woke up cross. I wrapped him up and put him out in his buggy – so will have to hurry and take him for a ride. He doesn’t like getting along without his thumb but think we will make it break.

I just looked at the bank bal. and with bills pd. and Ins. that comes due this month deducted I have a bal. of $91.oo

It was has been snowing in Chicago today and looks like it will snow here. It is clouding up now. Must get along.

Love Mother

©2015 copyright owned and transcribed by Deborah Sweeney
Post originally found: https://genealogylady.net/2015/09/26/another-saturday-gladys/

Smallpox Epidemic, Part XLI

Indianapolis Journal - 1900-03-03 (Smallpox epidemic)The Smallpox Situation.

The State Board of Health has received a letter from Dr. Cole, of Lyons, who says that the quarantine laws are not being observed in that place, and asks for advice in the matter. In conclusion he said: “Advise me in strong terms and I will execute the orders if it takes the whole county to do it.”

Dr. Hurty says that the State Board of Health is studying the problem of what to do with the tramps, as they are spreading smallpox all over the state.”

“The Smallpox Situation,” The Indianapolis Journal (Indianapolis, Indiana), 3 March 1900, p. 8, col. 4; digital image, Chronicling America (http://chroniclingamerica.loc.gov/ : accessed 6 December 2014).

Smallpox Epidemic, Part XXX

Indianapolis Journal - 1900-02-16 (Smallpox epidemic)Smallpox Dying Out.

Dr. Hurty, secretary of the State Board of Health, said yesterday that he was receiving very few reports of new cases of smallpox and thought that the good work done by the county health boards in the way of vaccination and other observances of the health laws had about mastered the disease. Dr. Cole, health officer of Greene county, reported one new case of smallpox at Jasonville, Greene county.

“Smallpox Dying Out,” The Indianapolis Journal (Indianapolis, Indiana), 16 February 1900, p. 3, col. 4; digital image, Chronicling America (http://chroniclingamerica.loc.gov/ : accessed 6 December 2014).