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10 Below (Gladys)

1943-01-20 #1Letter transcription:


Dear Daddy- No school again today. The blizzard drifted the snow yesterday so the busses couldn’t travel. There isn’t much wind today but very cold – 10 below. Our furnace runs most of the time but we are keeping it well looked after. The boys being home have time to keep the hopper filled and take clinkers out. In case you missed some of my Dec & Jan letters we are having one of the coldest (with more snow) winters in years. It started Thanksgiving and hasn’t let up much since. It is too cold today for veteran skaters. Even Mark would rather stay in than go out today. Yesterday he went to town once to go to the P.O. and said the town was full of transport trucks. The road north was blocked and they were held up here. We saw some going over 24 so maybe they tried another route. It is very bright and sunny today so will try to get some pictures taken. Haven’t gotten to the photographer yet – it is too cold to go now but will try to go as soon as this weather breaks – I still have Jimmy Ed Johnson’s buggy – but I hardly think he will need it yet – He is just two weeks old so guess his mother won’t take him out in this sub weather. David hasn’t been out since early in Dec but there has been so much snow couldn’t push the buggy thru it and it has been too cold to do a small baby any good taking him out. What’s your opinion? Even with a fur coat it’s too cold for me.

Love Mother

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