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Lena’s Postcards #99 – Balzora Scofield

[Postmark: Indianapolis, Ind., 23 February 1912, 2 PM]

Address: Mrs. J.W. Hackleman, R.R. No. 3, Connersville, Ind.

My Dear Lena: Heard from a
recent letter that you have a
new auto. Congratulations. How
does this blizzard seem in country
Wed. a.m. hundreds of women [?]
week had to walk through 14
or 15 in drifted snow, 10 to 15 [squares?]
to work. Only two car lines working
& they kept snow scrapers at work
on track all night  Y & F were lucky
in living on one of these lines.
Ill think I never seen a worse
blizzard. Love—Bal.

Headline from the front page of the Indianapolis News, 1912-02-22

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A White Haze (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind.

Dear Daddy –

Another day without letters from you, but Mon. (7th) had five. Maybe tomorrow will bring more. Winter is upon us again and at present it is snowing. I am glad the ground needs moisture. It is so gray and overhanging it looks like it could snow all afternoon. It is a very fine snow and will take a lot to cover the ground.

I started washing the kitchen walls this morning. I didn’t try to do the whole thing because I get too tired so I can see definitely where I quit. The dirtiest the walls have ever been. The unfinished walls are needing something but I think they should wait until spring – then some kind of water color. Ed Johnson painted the walls in that house with a watercolor and it looks very good. Lucile said it

[page 2] is washable, too. However, since it is so inexpensive it would be just as easy to repaint as to wash.

I was just looking out the dining room window and without wishing to make you feel badly, wish you could see the scene. It is a white haze across the prairie, a little wind – gently blowing white waves across Zell’s roof. It makes me think of one day while you were still at St. E. and we drove up to Kent thru snow just like this. As far as we could see, white haze. I can see a little squirrel running across the yard now, probably looking for food. I noticed an ear of corn in one of the tall evergreen trees that one of the squirrels no doubt put there. I looked for it again and it was gone.

Last night while preparing supper David had been fed and was on “the loose” – I had set a pan of lukewarm milk on the cabinet and he reached up and pulled it off – It was so

[page 3] funny – seeing him stand there with milk dripping all over him. He didn’t know quite what to do – I was so amused I just stood and laughed to myself – but Mark isn’t very subtle, so he laughed rather loudly and frightened David. Until Mark laughed David was not sure what to do, but then he started to cry. John was so provoked with Mark – he said it might give David some kind of phobia if frightened by the incident. He seemed not any worse for the wear when I got the milk wiped off. He is always reaching up for things. I am glad it wasn’t hot, and from now on I will be careful to push things back so he can’t reach them.

I stopped for lack of subject matter and thought I would rest a while but David soon woke up so I got up and put D. on the toidey, then dressed him and decided to re-arrange the nursery so he could climb up on the couch to look out the window. The couch had been sitting along

[page 4] the north wall. While in the process I saw John coming home. I asked him why and he said can’t you see – the snow I mentioned developed into a blizzard and school had to be dismissed so the busses could get thru. The snow is drifting, so there probably won’t be any more school this week. John said the second semester was dry anyway, and this little vacation is welcome right now.

Virginia Zell is braving the snowstorm to go to the P.O. and is going to take this along so must get it finished. I scanned over the Dem. This morning to glean any news that might interest you – just in passing Frances Moynihan, now Sgt. In W.A.C. is to be married Feb. 11 to a mess Seargent. You remember her – the girl there was so much about when we came to Kent. John Krull was home for Mrs. Ramp’s funeral. He has gone back to Camp but Gladys remained here. She has been staying in Waycross, Ga., ear the camp. I see that the Eilers who married Helen Woodruff is back. I missing seeing anything about his discharge but he has one I suppose or wouldn’t be back here.

Love – Mother

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10 Below (Gladys)

1943-01-20 #1Letter transcription:


Dear Daddy- No school again today. The blizzard drifted the snow yesterday so the busses couldn’t travel. There isn’t much wind today but very cold – 10 below. Our furnace runs most of the time but we are keeping it well looked after. The boys being home have time to keep the hopper filled and take clinkers out. In case you missed some of my Dec & Jan letters we are having one of the coldest (with more snow) winters in years. It started Thanksgiving and hasn’t let up much since. It is too cold today for veteran skaters. Even Mark would rather stay in than go out today. Yesterday he went to town once to go to the P.O. and said the town was full of transport trucks. The road north was blocked and they were held up here. We saw some going over 24 so maybe they tried another route. It is very bright and sunny today so will try to get some pictures taken. Haven’t gotten to the photographer yet – it is too cold to go now but will try to go as soon as this weather breaks – I still have Jimmy Ed Johnson’s buggy – but I hardly think he will need it yet – He is just two weeks old so guess his mother won’t take him out in this sub weather. David hasn’t been out since early in Dec but there has been so much snow couldn’t push the buggy thru it and it has been too cold to do a small baby any good taking him out. What’s your opinion? Even with a fur coat it’s too cold for me.

Love Mother

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