One Thousand is a Really Big Number (Gladys)

imageIn case you are wondering, the title of today’s blog has nothing to do with Gladys, or anything she said. Today, this blog hits a big landmark – 1,000 blog posts. I am still about two months shy of my second anniversary. To date, I have transcribed and published over 650 letters which were written by Roscoe, Gladys, their sons (John & Mark), and the occasional other, in the years 1942 and 1943. I would like to thank all of my faithful readers who have continued to read Roscoe and Gladys’ story day after day. There are still about 8 months worth of daily letters to transcribe and post so I hope everyone sticks around for the rest of the adventure.

Letter transcription:
Kentland Ind

Dear Daddy –

Went to Laf. today to see Mother & talk to Dr. Cole. He said she had strep, staf [staph], & B-Coli infection in her bowels, a little puss in her urine, but the last to be expected in a person her age. He has her on sulfaquoxadine and wants her to stay in the hospital another week yet. She isn’t minding it so much. She doesn’t feel well enough to care much where she is. He has been giving her sleeping

[page 2] tablets and I suppose this is the first time in her life she ever took a sedative and she slept all night and most of the next day after taking one tablet.

Yours of June 13 came today so that about catches up the back mail. I have been on the go so all day I can hardly get my thoughts collected – Maybe David will let me sleep in the a.m. and maybe he will want an early bottle. He has been waiting till 7 a.m. for his bottle. Zell’s came home yesterday and they are always anxious to keep the baby so Mark and David

[page 3] remained here and at Zell’s – After Mrs. Zell fed him at 3 p.m. he took a nap then they took his play pen over there and kept him there. When John & I left he was having a buggy ride. They have three girls & Mr. Zell wants a boy so much. He was practically in tears when the last two were girls.

Rosemary Funk is home from the hospital and Arlene wanted me to go with her to see R. so after I got back from Laf. & got David to bed I went with Arlene. I thought she had had an appendectomy but Arlene said also more had been done – her uterice [uterus] had dropped and that had to be raised – I don’t know whether I am saying all

[page 4] the above correctly but I think you know what I mean. Dr. C. told her she would have to be very careful for a while – that her insurance for the next 30 yrs. would be in her care of herself the next 3 wks. Her mother still has the baby – she first has a very young girl working for her and isn’t able to take care of the baby herself yet. Her mother spoils him so – Rosemary said she carries him around even while preparing meals.

Carl Donahue’s have a new girl. Carl wanted a boy too and so did Cecelia – that makes 3 girls for them. Ruthie Parttens came home from the hospital and I am going to try to get out to see her. I’ll let you know all about her when I get back. I must get this finished – it’s getting late –

Love Mother

YEG1943-06 Dunlop Street house

© 2014 copyright owned and transcribed by Deborah Sweeney
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9 thoughts on “One Thousand is a Really Big Number (Gladys)

  1. davidmadison1942

    “Mr. Zell wants a boy so much. He was practically in tears when the last two were girls.” OY 😦

    So, 1,000 IS a lot. Quite an achievement. After all of the letters are up on the blog….where do you go after that? You mentioned other letters in your files…


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