Walking (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind.
Dec. 5 – 1943

Dear Daddy –

No letters for a week, but this is Sun. evening, so maybe I’ll get a few tomorrow. The weather was so warm today I took David out for a long walk. Lucile came out with Jimmy and we walked back to their place – Ed took some pictures of the two babies. This is Jimmy’s 11th month. He and David walk around in the house and have a good time together, just walking, walking. Makes me tired sometimes just to see them do so much walking, and I can’t imagine what it would do for you, unless you have changed your mind about the above mentioned exercise. This paper seems to have a few grease spots on it that keeps the ink from showing. Hope you can make it out. Took David to S.S. again. He jabbers but on the whole does pretty good to be as active as he is. He just isn’t the sitting type. He is just as restless around here. About the only time he wants to sit still is when his is being wheeled around or in t he car. Sometimes he gets a little hard to hold in the car. He says “gog” when he sees a dog and I repeat dog plainly to him but it still has a g sound when he says it. He was so hungry this evening I had to hurry up his supper – Must have been the long ride in the fresh air and sunshine – John stayed home listening to the radio and Mark played out in the yard with his football. Mark’s cheeks were so pink this evening. He needs good exercise in the out of doors. He had been looking pale. We have the Christmas tree up but no decorations on it yet. David likes to touch it but isn’t too anxious to get too close – it sticks him. Mark wanted to decorate the tree as soon as we brought it home but I put him off for a

[page 2] few days. We heard there would be a scarcity of trees so bought this one early. The Grab-it just got them in. So far the other stores haven’t had any.

I went thru our checks for 1943 to see where I had spent it all – In addition to over $500⁰⁰ going on house payments – I bought $131⁰⁰ bonds, $300⁰⁰ piano, $417⁶⁰ loan on ins., $130⁰⁰ Hospital (Mother’s hospital expense was about $250 – Jim helped on that and I figured I paid about $110⁰⁰ – then Mark’s & David’s amounted to about $20⁰⁰). I will send you a more detailed statement later if you want it, I am glad I paid everything by check – even tho it cost me $2⁸⁰ service charge over the year, I can sit down and see where it all went. We live very simply as you know, but that doesn’t make us unhappy. I was amused at John one day. A boy in school asked him if he had seen a certain show. John said no, he didn’t go to shows because his Dad was away and we didn’t have money to throw around. I really haven’t restricted them from going to shows – but our John likes records and would rather put his spending money in something more tangible than movies. I told J. & M. our funds are low now and they both agreed to be satisfied without a lavish Christmas. At present our bal. is about $50⁰⁰ and I have to pay Mr. Monroe yet this month – I think his bill will be about $7⁰⁰.

I hear David making a noise and must go see what he is grunting about.
Love Mother

Our Ins. was $439¹⁷ in ‘43

YEG1943-12 Gladys, David, Lucile and Jimmy Ed

©2015 copyright owned and transcribed by Deborah Sweeney
Post originally found: https://genealogylady.net/2015/07/17/walking-gladys/

1 thought on “Walking (Gladys)

  1. davidmadison1942

    “He just isn’t the sitting type. He is just as restless around here.” I’ve calmed down a lot. 🙂

    But all my walking, walking, walking on Manhattan concrete gave me a broken foot. 😦

    And, ah the day would come when we can buy the movies just like records–to say nothing of download: “our John likes records and would rather put his spending money in something more tangible than movies.”

    GREAT photo!


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