John’s Report Card (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland, Ind.
Jan. 18 – 1944

Dear Daddy –

Yours of Jan. 10 came today – Those of 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 will probably come tomorrow or soon. So glad you had rec’d mail. You should have David’s pictures by this time. It is sunny today so will try to get some more pictures today. It was so cloudy yesterday I didn’t try to take any. There was quite a strong wind so didn’t take D. out in his buggy, but took him in the car and went to town for groc. He has been full of pep today and I wanted to get things done so barred the nursery doors and kept him in there most of the morning. He didn’t seem to mind. He is now taking his nap. He is still a problem at feeding time. He won’t let me hold his hand to guide the spoon and can’t get food into his mouth by himself and doesn’t want me to feed him, but I do the feeding just the same. He wants to pick his bowl up and pour the food out. When he is holding his spoon will mess food all over his high chair if I don’t watch him. Yesterday morning he started raising a fuss when I started to give him his breakfast, so I just picked him up and spanked him – That helped. He knows what he is scolded about so I think a little “applied” psychology will help out. It worked on J. & M. so why not use it on David if he needs it?

John brought his report card yesterday. Mark didn’t get his but probably will today.

[page 2] John’s semester average on Gen Science A – English A+, History A+, Arth. A, Ag. B+, Phy.Ed. B – Band A, so totaled and averaged he should be about an A student. But that really isn’t correct because he isn’t A or A+ in subjects he doesn’t care about, such as Ag. I think he likes most of his work but that. However he works on Ag. and got an A the last period but had B+ the first two periods, hence the B+ average. I tell him he should plan to study medicine because he can absorb so much but he says he is only interested in music. He says that is the way with parents & musical children, they are always wanting them to study something else. That isn’t exactly true here. I just made the medical suggestion to see what reaction I would get. Mark says he is going to be a pilot, but John points out to him a pilot has to have math and that seems to be a weak point with Mark. He brings his arithmetic home almost every evening and gets his “homework.” He won’t do anymore than he has to. I often tell him he should work ahead on it but that doesn’t appeal to him in the least and after he finishes said homework is off on something more pleasant. He likes to build model planes if he can finish them in a hurry – but doesn’t care for the tedious kind. He received several for Christmas that require very little work to assemble and that suited him.

Lucile just came out with Jimmy. He and David play together quite well. The only thing David wants to take everything away from Jimmy and so far Jimmy lets him. In time no doubt Jimmy will correct that.

[page 3] Mr. Zell sold off their chickens and cleaned out the brooder house. He put fertilizer around their shrubbery and ours. That should help a lot. What we really need tho is several loads of black dirt around the shrubbery and in the flower beds. The soil in the bed between Statons’ yard and ours is still so full of rocks, etc., from the cement mixer it should be cleaned out and all new soil put in, but I am not planning to do all that myself. I like to work out in the yard but I think that order is too big for me to fill.

Irene is still in the hospital and suppose will be for a week or so – that is what I hear. I don’t like to ask questions. I stopped once and inquired about her and Mrs. James said they didn’t know much. The Dr. couldn’t seem to find anything.

David is getting anxious to go out for a walk so I must get this finished. He wanted to go bye-bye when Jimmy Ed left but I wasn’t ready to go the. It isn’t so windy today and he should have a good airing. It won’t do me any harm either. I think I’ll remind you when you come home about those walks you take now. You know I always did like to walk, so remember that.


©2015 copyright owned and transcribed by Deborah Sweeney
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1 thought on “John’s Report Card (Gladys)

  1. davidmadison1942

    “That helped. He knows what he is scolded about so I think a little “applied” psychology will help out.” I don’t even know what that means. I guess maybe i responded well at the time. 🙂

    “Ag. B+, Phy.Ed. B” I got a laugh out of these. Yes, John would be less than motivated in agriculture and physical education!

    “he says he is only interested in music.” But he gave up on that because of the competition. For every famous concert pianist, he said later in life, there are a thousand who don’t make it.

    ” Mark says he is going to be a pilot, but John points out to him a pilot has to have math…” John was amazing. How many 13-year old kids would have realized that?

    Great insights into Mark here!

    “still so full of rocks, etc., from the cement mixer” debris left over from building the house, no doubt.

    “I wasn’t ready to go the.” should read “then”


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