College Students at the Hotel

October 31, 1962 envelope

October 31, 1962 envelope

October 31, 1962, p. 1

October 31, 1962, p. 1

Letter transcription:

Kentland, Oct. 31st

David Dear

At long last I have my old trusty typewriter back again, without which I am out of communication. It got a complete overhauling and it seems it took a long time. Big deal.

Your mother was in for a few minutes this morning, and she tells me that your date with Chris came off as you wished, and that makes me happy for you. She said you would be home this coming weekend, so maybe you will have time to tell me about her.

1962-10-31 (RM) newspaper clipping #2The way things look now, it could be we will all be here for a while longer, I hope. I saw your picture in the paper, and clipped it to send you. If you did not pose for this you could have, it looks so much like you. Your mother brought Becky in to see me, which didn’t seem to interest Becky in the least as you can imagine. She said they were in Chicago Sunday and the new baby is big and beautiful. You know what I was thinking? You just save that name “Julie” for the future, for that lovely day when you will have a Julie of your very own.

We have been having lots of college students at the hotel. A couple weeks ago we had a bus load of girls, 35 in fact, from St. Mary’s of the Woods. We have them every Fall and Spring. They are brought here to attend something they call a “mixer” at St. Joseph in Rennselaer. We are going to have another group this coming Saturday night for another one. Last weekend we had 25 boys and girls from University of Cincinnati who were out on a field trip through Indiana. Their geology Prof. Richard Durrell brought them here. He comes here frequently to look after farm interests of his own. He gave a lecture to them that night in the lobby. It was too technical to understand for me. They were going to invade the Newton County Stone Quarry the next morning.

There was a picture at the Kent theatre I wish we could have seen “That Touch of Mink.” I enjoyed Roz’s story in the Post. I also read the “Fail-Safe” which is causing so much discussion. Blood curdling. Last night I read a piece in Reader’s Digest taken from Nixon’s book, the story of his part in the Alger Hiss case.

Bye for now

©2016 copyright owned and transcribed by Deborah Sweeney
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3 thoughts on “College Students at the Hotel

  1. davidmadison1942

    “…your date with Chris came off as you wished, and that makes me happy for you.” Now that this is mentioned, I do have a vague memory of a date with a Chris….who ended up marrying a friend of mine.

    That photo of the young man (the newspaper clipping) looks more like Mark.

    “They were going to invade the Newton County Stone Quarry the next morning.” I know that Newton County had a stone quarry, but I can’t recall where it was in relation to the town.

    Sorry, no recollection of Janet Schuh’s sister.

  2. Janet Schuh

    Well, I was 9 years old at this time. I sure wish I remembered your Dad. My older sister graduated in 1961.


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