Waxing Floors

1964-07-15-gry-p-1Letter transcription:

July 15 – 1964

Dear David & Bonnie –

I presume you have been having a vacation as you mentioned in one of your letters, the reason we haven’t heard form you recently. We received a long letter from Bonnie’s mother one day last week. They evidently had a good time in Japan.

Today I am having the piano tuned. I was desperate and told Daddy I had to find a tuner. He said, “Why don’t you try the yellow pages,” and I did. Not only found a tuner but a means of getting rid of the extra piano in the church basement. This man is from Lafayette and rebuilds pianos besides tuning. I found 4 jobs for him today. Seems I wasn’t the only one looking for a tuner. I thought I had better get the piano in shape before John gets home. We received a cable from him Monday the 13th which had been sent from Malang the 8th. He was ill and couldn’t leave when he had planned. We hope by now he is in Hong Kong. His cable said he would leave Djakarta around the 14th.

You won’t believe what I am going to tell you, but I cleaned the built up wax of the kitchen, family room, hall & bath room floors all by myself. Seems John H. had other jobs he had contracted and I decided that wax – really it isn’t wax but more like varnish – had to come off. I was on my hands and knees part of the time – using wax remover which doesn’t remove but just loosens, then I brought the scrubbing machine from the office and with steel wool pads got the rest off. I started last Thurs. afternoon and yesterday – Tuesday – I almost finished – that is cleaning and waxing. I decided to use paste wax and buff. I just have where my desk, couch, and washing machine area to wax then it will be finished. I was so tired yesterday

1964-07-15-gry-p-2[page 2] afternoon I went to bed for two hours and hardly moved. I think every muscle in my body ached, but I had the satisfaction of knowing the floor in clean and shouldn’t need such a cleaning for at least six months. Liquid was is a bad word as far as I am concerned and mothering could induce me to use it again. When I was in the cleaning process that stuff would come off in sheets. I used a paint scraper in places.

I am going to Greencastle Sunday evening to attend School of Missions – that is if John’s homecoming doesn’t interfere. I hardly think he will get to Chicago before the 26th since his departure was delayed about a week. He was planning to spend some time in Hong Kong & Japan before coming back to the States.

Dad & I went to Mt. Ayr Monday evening to give a program for the Hospital Auxiliary and had a record crowd. Meeting was held in the Methodist church. Every seat was filled and folding chairs had to be set up. We showed our Hong Kong and Cambodia pictures. I just hope no one was disappointed. We received many compliments & comments after the meeting was over.

The Janssens are going to the Black Hills and into Colorado for their vacation. I got them some Triple A guide books and told them about our trip via the Million Dollar Highway – The Alps of America. Do you remember that drive? – it was the trip when we visited Colorado Springs and went to the top of Pike’s Peak. They plan to visit Mesa Verda National Park – one of the places we saw as we were on our way to see John.

Don’t forget to write.

Love Mother

Thanks for the pictures.


©2016 copyright owned and transcribed by Deborah Sweeney
Post originally found: https://genealogylady.net/2017/01/01/waxing-floors/

1 thought on “Waxing Floors

  1. davidmadison1942

    “heard form you” should read “from you”

    “I thought I had better get the piano in shape before John gets home.” VERY true. 🙂

    “the built up wax of the kitchen” should read “off”

    “the floor in clean” should read ‘is”

    “Liquid was is a bad word” should read “liquid wax”

    “mothering could induce me” should read “nothing could induce me”

    “Do you remember that drive? – it was the trip when we visited Colorado Springs and went to the top of Pike’s Peak.” Even today I remember that VERY scary drive up Pike’s Peak.

    That photo, I’m pretty sure, is backwards. This gives me motivation to draw up that house/floor plan for you. 🙂 Those walls were SO beautiful. 🙂


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