Long Cold, Slow Spring

1966-04-29 (GRY), p. 1Letter transcription:

April 29, 1966

Dear David and Bonnie:

Yours received. In spite of all you have to say in defense of the magazine and the man behind it all, I still think you could spend your leisure time in a better way than with that sort of thing. It just doesn’t fit into my pattern of thinking. Somehow I can’t quite see it as a part of your way of life. There are many other ways in which I would rather spend my time. This weekend we have planned to spend with John. Two baby cases are in Dad’s way, so he has told me to go without him, which I am planning to do. He got a baby this morning, but for Dr. K who is out of town. John has tickets to “Little Me,” a production of U. of I., and we are going to have dinner at the Lincoln Hotel. Bob and Lea are going to be with us also.

Wednesday I went to Indianapolis with Norma and two other women to attend the Conference meeting and installation for Conference Officers. The Bishop was there and gave the afternoon address and officiated at the installation. I told Sharon Howe yesterday that I got to shake hands with the Bishop and she grabbed my hand and said she wanted to touch the hand that had touched the Bishop’s hand. As a matter of fact, I shook hands more than once. He was in the church office, and I started to use the telephone (I wanted to call Thelma) and we met. I was sure he wouldn’t remember me from last June, but I said I was Mrs. Yegerlehner, Rev. Yegerlehner’s mother. He very graciously acted as if he knew who I was. Since there is only one Rev. David Yegerlehner in the Methodist Church, maybe he did know me.

After a long cold, slow spring, today seems like warm weather is here. The grass is so green—and has been mowed several times. The redbud trees are in bloom and the magnolia is still pretty. Where the digger went along the south side of our lot—I mean outside our lot limbs were broken on our trees and some of the scotch pines look like they may not make it. I think I could be safe in saying millions of violas are coming up. I had a border along the west side of the garage last summer and there are so many new plants, it looks like an impossible task to thin them out. I probably will decide it is too much work and just let them go.

The high school produced South Pacific. We went to see it last Thursday. It ran 3 nights. We thought they did a very good job, but also thought it was too much work for a group of high school students. Margaret Eva Funk, who has had voice training, and who has been with a singing group from Purdue (they traveled to Europe one summer on a singing tour) had the lead. However, the entire cast did a very good job we thought and the scenery and all the props were very good, but they had many people besides high school girls and boys working on it.

The book on Theology came and I am in the process of reading it. Thanks for sending it. I will try to decided before you come home what I want for the rest of my $. The missionaries we visited in H.K. are going to be here June 12th to see us and on June 13th in the morning I have to go to Evanston to attend a School for Conference Officers. I think your schedule called for you to be home June 13th. Do you suppose you could manage to come home a day early, or stop and see me at Kendall College in Evanston? I would much rather see you here at home and I am sorry my time is working out that way, but it is something I can’t help. I will have to be in Evanston from 13th to 17th.

We are getting a new amplifier (again) and we are going to try it to see if it will be better than the one we have now. The new one is made by Fisher (supposed to be the best in Stereo). It should be here this week. However, if it doesn’t come today, it won’t matter too much, because if I have to go to Champaign alone, I am going to leave in the middle of the afternoon, and won’t have time to listen to it. Tonight we are having the Funks come. We have some slides of them to use (at a program Arlene is in charge of) at the Catholic School Thursday (I had promised to give the program for her, but then discovered that was our day to go to Chicago) and we are going to show them how to use the projector. I sent for slides of the Rose parade and also the records—which I taped—with the background sounds and commentary on each float. I have used it several times for programs and when Arlene knew we had the program wanted to use it.

We have to get our passports renewed, because they run out Aug. 9th and we won’t be back in USA until Aug. 22nd and thought it would be a good idea to get them renewed. We had some pictures taken. For once Dad got a good picture. We will save one for you. We have tickets to Hello Dolly and also want to go see the children. We intend to take the entire day off next Thursday.

1966-04-29 (GRY), p. 2Last Tuesday evening I attended a Tea given by Jr. Women’s Club. Miss Lenore Winters was sitting by and I told the Presbyterian Minister’s wife that Miss Winters had both you and Mark in first grade. She told Mrs. Watson she thought you were one of the most beautiful children she had ever known. That was saying a lot—because she taught quite a few children before she retired.

Love Mother


I have quit taking books from Book-of-the-Month, but had one coupon left, so got Dead Sea Scrolls by M. Burrows. Do you think it is worth reading? I know you had said at one time, it would be years before the Scrolls could be evaluated.

©2017 copyright owned and transcribed by Deborah Sweeney
Post originally found: https://genealogylady.net/2017/03/12/long-cold-slow-spring

1 thought on “Long Cold, Slow Spring

  1. davidmadison1942

    “the magazine and the man behind it all” Hmmm. I wonder what this was. My guess is that it was I.F. Stone’s Weekly. He was extremely, and eloquently, opposed to the Vietnam war and wrote penetrating analyses.

    “I got to shake hands with the Bishop and she grabbed my hand and said she wanted to touch the hand that had touched the Bishop’s hand.” LOL 🙂

    “The grass is so green—and has been mowed several times.” Not by me!

    “I probably will decide it is too much work and just let them go.” 🙂

    Hey, that production of South Pacific sounds pretty good.

    “I told the Presbyterian Minister’s wife that Miss Winters had both you and Mark in first grade.” I do remember Miss Winters.


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