David’s Diary – February 10, 1969

Monday, February 10, 1969

The candle was out at 12:25, but I couldn’t get to sleep. The wind buffeted the house, the bed vibrated. About 3:00 I got up, worked for a while on the Dempster questions—by candlelight (6 of them). But about 4:15 I went back to bed—again no luck getting soundly to sleep. At 6:30 I called Alan Frederick to advise him not to go to Brandeis. I did get some sleep until about 9:00 or so. For the day we moved into the dining room—sealed it off with plastic—kept it warm with stove heater. During the day I did little but nap, eat, and make phone calls. At first I did clean off car, + clear away front door, when we had contemplated going to stay with the Lords. Took outdoor pictures with the new camera. Napped in afternoon; baked two pies. Bonnie made Brownies. After supper we spent the evening at the Patriquins. We came home about 11:00, still no electricity. Got ready for bed, played with cat; candle out 11:50.

Tuesday, February 11, 1969

We slept in sleeping bags in the dining room last night—I got more sleep than the previous night. The electricity came on about 7:00 AM. But it was not a normal day. We got the dining room put back in place; I freed the car from the ice and snow. We had lunch about 12:00; I didn’t get up until about 10:00. After lunch I was exhausted, and from about 1:00 to 3:00 napped—got some sound sleep. After 3:00 we all went shopping in Gloucester. We had to get groceries. I carried Debby on my back. We got home after 5:00. Bonnie had to give Debby a bottle, so I set to work getting supper and putting away the groceries. We ate about 6:30, watched CBS news. I tried to work at my desk, but was very weary. About 8:45 I took a bath—1st since Sat. night. Off to work in bed 9:20.

Wednesday, February 12, 1969

Up about 8:00; breakfast; shaved; went  to train station to catch the 9:20—but it was delayed; didn’t leave Rockport until 9:45. I didn’t feel like studying on train, so I watched the scenery—cluttered with storm damage. Arrived 11:45. From North Station I called Sears to order movie camera. Went to Jordan Marsh, got Marion Anderson record. Other errands, then to BU. Got there about 12:30. Had lunch. Had several things to get done about the Dempster; had a chat with Larry Burton; relaxed for a while. About 3:30 I went over to Sears and got the movie camera. Came back to BU to class at 4:10. Left class at 5:40—went to N. station, caught 6:40. Arrived Rockport 8:30—rushed home to the Official Board meeting. When this was over, had snack, listened to Anderson record, bathed, off to bed; lights out 10:35. θ+

Thursday, February 13, 1969

A long day; up about 8:30—had breakfast, then started to work on the lengthy questions to be answered for the Dempster. By noon I hadn’t made much progress—interrupted by the mail among other things. By the time we had lunch I’d finished the first question. I shaved after eating, went to the post office, took letters off wayside pulpit, came home, shoveled a little snow. Back to work; I got out my old paper written 4 years ago—the “autobiography.” It helped me get ideas. About 6:00 I got phone call from a Bible class member—not coming. That made 4 that couldn’t come, so I called it off. Worked on Dempster all evening after supper. Finally finished writing about 10:00, then got to typing. About midnight had snack, took last photos on roll; work on into the night; off to bed about 3:50.

Friday, February 14, 1969

It was hard to get up—but I got out of bed about 8:00; did some final work on the Dempster application; proof-read. Had a small breakfast, shaved quickly electrically. Left for Boston after 9:00. The roads were relatively clean. I didn’t spend much time at BU—not more than 10 minutes. I headed back to Rockport and was home by 11:45. Looked over the mail, had lunch, and then napped—from about 1:00 until a little after 3:00. Got up, then Bonnie + Debby + I went to Gloucester; stopped at Mals to get batteries for the new movie camera. Then went to Busseys for a meeting to plan Ash Wed. service. Rev. Clark never showed up. We visited with Busseys + stayed for supper with them. Came home about 7:30. Tried to get sermon idea, bathed, worked on attendance chart, off to bed at 11:10.

Saturday, February 15, 1969

Got up about 8:30. Went to work on the attendance charts, stopped for breakfast, then back to work. Mail man brought a letter from Gene Moncel, who is working in Earl Landgrebe’s office. [1] Back to work on charts. The wrote a letter to Mrs. Myers. Stopped for lunch. Shaved; wrote a short note home—telling mother that she can come for the visit she suggested; about 1:30 went to the Post Office + then to Ornes. About 2:30—after filling out forms with Homer—went up to see the Hannibals. About 3:30 returned home. Worked on the charts briefly, then got to work on sermon. Stopped to help with supper; after supper I did the bulletins, then returned to work on the sermon. About 10:15 bathed, θ+ then back to work on the sermon; this was finished + service relatively ready about 1:15. Debby pulled herself up to standing position today; off to bed at 1:20 θ+

Sunday, February 16, 1969

Debby one-half year old

Up about 8:30. Shaved; breakfast, practiced sermon, off to church about 10:15. Preached on Matt 10:39; fair sized congregation, about 38. Arrived home about 12:30. We looked over the new movie camera, had lunch, then got ready to take movie. Phil Parker came over with some figures for annual report; we set up time for Wesleyan Fellowship in March. After he left, we took a movie out in the yard—very bright sun reflected off snow. We went down to Patriquins and Drue took film of us with Debby—we shot the whole 50 ft. roll! We visited with the Patriquins, but about 3:45 I came home, Bonnie stayed; I napped when I got home. Got up shortly before 6. Watched TV, had supper. At 7:18 took pictures of Debby—just 6 months old. Desk work most of the evening. Worked on German too for a while. Bathed; off to study in bed. Lights out 12:45.

[1] Gene was a pal in college—conservative Republican—and Landgrebe was a state senator of right wing persuasions.

©2017 copyright owned and transcribed by David Madison and Deborah Sweeney
Post originally found: https://genealogylady.net/2017/05/20/davids-diary-february-10-1969/

1 thought on “David’s Diary – February 10, 1969

  1. davidmadison1942

    “At 6:30 I called Alan Frederick to advise him not to go to Brandeis.” Being from the UK, he would have had no experience with this kind of snowstorm.

    “For the day we moved into the dining room—sealed it off with plastic—kept it warm with stove heater.” Good thing we weren’t killed by the fumes.

    “I got out my old paper written 4 years ago—the “autobiography.” It helped me get ideas.” Hmmmm…it may still be in my files somewhere. I remember writing that.


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