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House Paint (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland, Ind.
Jan. 13 – 1944

Dear Daddy –

Two letters today, of Dec. 31 & Jan. 1, and Jan. 2. I can’t understand why you got some of the boxes for Christmas but not ours. Of course there wasn’t much in either box but just the idea of sending gifts.

It is clear and cold again today. The temp. was 4° above in Chicago this a.m. However it isn’t that cold here now because the sunshine has warmed things up somewhat. I will be glad for spring so we can get out more. I have been taking David out every day since he recovered from his cold. He gets so restless after his nap if he doesn’t get to go out. We went over to see Jimmy Ed yesterday. He is about over the flu but can’t go out yet. He is over it enough that I wasn’t afraid to take David in. They have such a good time together. It was so much fun for David to play with Jimmy’s things for a change. He seems to tire of his own so quickly and is usually nosing around trying to find something he shouldn’t have.

We had fried chicken for lunch and I gave him a bone to chew on. He seemed to think that was the best thing he had had lately. I got two frys from Zells. They had an order to dress 30 for the NuJoy. However, I dressed the ones I bought.

The Foulkes are away on a trip thru the East. Coke said Harold had to go on business

[page 2] and she was going too. I saw Herman Diedam at their house so I presume he is redecorating while they are away. Our walls could stand a coat or two of paint but I am not planning to do anything to them yet. The paint Sandy used on the outside must not have been the best because it is peeling off in places. I noticed some spots on Funks house that is doing the same. I think Sandy painted for them too. Link had Chet Hall paint his house last summer. There were large spots that the paint had chipped off down to the boards. I watched Chet paint and decided there might be things he could do better because I didn’t think he did a very smooth job. However, with the man power shortage getting more acute all the time, we can’t be too “choosy” about help.

Had a long letter from Marie. Isla has been ill. At first they thought she had T.B. but later decided it was thyroid. She had flu strep and took sulfa and that was wrong for her. Dr. Maurer is treating her now trying to get her over her thyroid trouble without surgery. David still isn’t so good. He and his mother are in Ark. Now and Isla’s husband is running the shop. Marie said they hadn’t heard from you for a long time, but hadn’t written so didn’t expect to hear. When we were there in Oct., I thought David looked bad. He says he feels better now but Marie says she is worried about him.

I am enclosing a clipping from the Democrat of David’s picture. You should have the original picture by now.

Nick & Dorothy went to Chi. Today and Buddy is coming here to stay and spend the night.
Love – Mother

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A Real Old Fashion Dose (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
Sept. 3 – 1943

Dear Daddy –

Yours of Aug. 18 – 20 & 21 came today – The one of the 18th was the best – you were complimenting me all thru it and of course I always feel better when I get such compliments, especially from you. In rereading – the one of Aug. 21 was pretty good too. Don’t worry about tiring me with such letters when you feel like writing that way.

I haven’t done much today due to my hands – Yes I have a real old fashion dose of it this time – I had been eating peaches and then made lemonade a few times and now I just have to sit and not so much – I am taking H.C.L. acid each meal. The food was partly to blame but usually this condition is the culmination of something else. I was more or less worried about Mother and taking care of her along with David’s care and having company – it’s all adds up. Well Mother is in the hospital now, the company is gone for a week, J. & M. are in school and

[page 2] David & I can take things easier. I have rested twice today – that is lying down. After lunch I took him out in the yard and we enjoyed the sunshine about an hour and a half. I think a few days like today will clear things up. Fortunately I didn’t have on the ring I have had cut off before. Dorothy came out a while to see David. They still close from 11 to 3 – so she doesn’t have to be there during that time. They haven’t any help so Nick cooks & she serves. Bob said yesterday the Shell is going to close – I suppose due to help shortage. The bakery put on a new front about are ready to open for business again. They closed during their remodeling.

Chet Hall is painting Link’s house and if I am any judge of paint jobs it’s not as good as some I have seen. Can’t be too critical I suppose with the man power shortage.

I’ll give you the financial figures in next letter – haven’t the bank statement yet.

David is out in the yard with Mark & Zell girls entertaining him. John went to play for the Newton Co. Home Ec. Club at Mrs. John Simons after school. He didn’t relish the idea but consented – Said he didn’t want to play for a bunch of women.

Love – Mother

YEG1943-07 Gladys, Mark & David

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Glenn (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
Aug. 31 – 1943

Dear Daddy –

Another typical hot Aug. day. Glen, Pauline & James L. arrived here yesterday afternoon. Glenn is so stopped up he can hardly breathe but says he thinks he can stand it until they get back to Nevada. Of course this is the worst time during the year for them to be here. James L. is a big fat boy – weighs more than David but David isn’t a weakling by any means – David is more streamlined than James L. Pauline feeds him by the “book” – he gets canned milk too. They are going on to Penn. Thurs. and come back next week. I wrote Jim so maybe he can get leave and be here while Glen is here. Mother wants them to be here together. Juanita is planning to come too. I certainly have had company this summer. Since I couldn’t go anyplace it has been nice having our relatives here. I am trying to write in competition with the rest of the family and seem not to be making much progress. Dora Diedam was here this afternoon and I was talking to her about getting an air mattress fixed up for Mother at the hospital. Dora is to go back to the hospital Monday in OB. She went to Indpls. Last week and took the Sister Kinney course for treatment of Polio. She is all enthused about it.

[page 2] We washed today – Pauline had so much to do. They were very enthusiastic about the Bendix. Pauline told Glen that was what she needed. They aren’t on the market now. Foulkes wanted to buy one & couldn’t.

Yours of Aug. 19 came today – also J. & M.’s came. They will do their own answering. I have all I can take care of myself.

Chet Hall is painting Staton’s house. The paint Sandy put on last year pealed off in spots. Link said he had paint left over from when they first painted the house that he had Sandy use last year & learned that was the wrong thing to do. I thought Chet was working in a defense plant but evidently not. Our house is in good shape but looks a little dirty. The yard & shrubbery & flowers are looking a little dry but it has been dry now for some time. I think I told you before – I had another load of limestone put on the driveway.

J. & M. are collecting their books getting ready for school tomorrow. They will have to have new ones. Mark sold Deanie Musselman $1.05 worth of books this afternoon. Glen has silver dollars & Mark traded him 50¢ & 2 – 25¢ for one – he is going to use it in buying books – not that it’s worth any more than the fifty cents & two quarters he had. Your letters to the boys came almost on the nose about school starting.

Love Mother

Foster, Glenn E. - date unknown

Glenn E. Foster, date unknown (Photograph courtesy of Gerry McCarroll)

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