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August in Rockport

Letter transcription:

Dec. 22, 1967

Dear David and Bonnie:

David please sign the enclosed form and return in the enclosed envelope to Bankers immediately. This is the investment policy (one on you, one of John and one each on Becky and Kirk) and we have decided not to pay any more on them and have taken paid-up insurance. This policy has nothing to do with your life insurance, but you will eventually get the amount stated as paid-up insurance (or your children will get it).

We went to Kentland yesterday and did what should have been done months ago – cleaned out the files. We have given the contents (furnishings, etc.) to Project Concern after exhausting every effort to get a Doctor into our office. Dr. James Turpin has several missions around and thinks his Project Concern will open one in Chicago for Indians – and from what I have read Chicago has one of the largest Indian reservations in the country – that is, so many Indians have gone there to live and some do not have it much better there than other minority groups. So if our equipment can be used for a clinic or in a hospital for such a group, we will be very happy.

While in Kentland yesterday I delivered our Christmas gifts to Mrs. Myers. She was in bed – not that she was ill, but there had been an electrical storm and so much rain that basements in Kentland were flooded and the furnace for her apartment had been shorted and she had no heat from the furnace. When I went back the second time (we were in Kentland most of the day) she had the oven going (gas) so her place felt very comfortable. She had opened your package and was quite pleased with her gifts. She seems to feel very good – that is she wasn’t complaining about anything. I had forgotten, but she spent last Christmas in the hospital. We left for California last Christmas day. Would have gone this year had we known Indiana would win and go to the Rose Bowl. So many people we know are going – among those Ruth, Floyd and Steve. We are in a “spot” (sort of) here. I hold up for I.U. and that is unheard of around here. You just don’t say a good word for I.U. In fact the Purdue fans are hoping I.U. will get beat by a large score. I reminded one group that Purdue barely squeaked through to victory last time. I’ll bet they wonder what kind of creep I am.

David you should have received two books. If you haven’t already received them, you will after Christmas and those are for a Christmas gift.

I hope your relationship continues to be pleasant with your congregation.

From present plans, we intend to spend our vacation in and around Rockport next summer and we hope we will manage it in August.

Love Mother

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