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First Birthday (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind.
Sept. 23 – 1943

Dear Daddy –

David’s birthday & party over. Lucile brought Jimmy Ed, Arlene Bobby & Donnie, Clarice & Myra Jane. The two older Zell girls, Jimmy Staton, a Mrs. Bowen & baby from Kent apts., Mark brought Tommy Britton home from school. We took pictures of the party then I took a picture of David by his cake. He put his hand in the icing just as I snapped the picture but in rolling the roll off it got off the track so part or all of the film may be ruined. Dorothy took some movies of David too. He received $15⁰⁰, a sailor doll, a cat, an elephant, four suits, four pr. sox, a pull toy with Donald Duck on it, dusting powder puffs & two cards. Zells’ wanted to pay the hospital bill when David was there but I said no, so they gave him $10⁰⁰. You sent $2⁰⁰, your Mother sent $1⁰⁰, Statons $1⁰⁰ & Mrs. Plummer $1⁰⁰ – I am going to buy him another bond with all his money. He seemed to enjoy his party very much. I hope the pictures are all good. He had a pretty nice birthday. I weighed him just before bedtime and as close as I could get it he weighed 21 lbs. & measure 30 in. He reaches over and plays with the scale and it’s a hard job to get it correct.

YEG1943-09-23 Birthday party #1

David sticking his finger in the cake icing

[page 2] He gets three meals a day now with a glass of milk in between. Breakfast about 8 0 orange juice at 9:30 or 10 – Dinner at 11:30 – Milk about 3:30 & supper at 7 – I started him on that schedule yesterday & he has done fine on it. It saves a lot of time not to give him that big meal at 3 in the afternoon. He goes to bed soon after supper. Sometimes he cries about it, but usually settles right down. He still sucks his left thumb but not much.

Glen went to Laf. today to see Mother. He says she is so weak she can hardly take a drink of water. I intend to go down Sat. afternoon. Glen thought if we could have taken her to Mayo they might have been able to do something for her. I told him they are just Drs. and with a case like hers I believe Cole is doing everything that can be done. Mother told your Mother she had not felt right for sometime – that I did not know. I knew she didn’t have as much pep when she came back in May but at her age I didn’t think so much about it. I know when Cole first saw her he didn’t think she had a malignancy but didn’t have x-ray done because of her bowel condition. Probably couldn’t have gotten any better x-ray then than they did later.

[page 3] I am at Zells. Mr. is out to a meeting & Mrs. wanted to go out & three girls are in bed. Mrs. Zell has always helped me out when I needed her so I thought I could sit here & write while they are gone. I left just in time to miss washing dishes. John had homework so Mark was to help. Glen is all chocked up this evening. He doesn’t know what to do about going home. He hates to leave now with Mother so low & is about out of money. I don’t believe I told you before what he had been doing – He was a bartender, but got a notice from his draft broad to get into essential work. They had enough saved for him to come on the train but he wanted to bring the family. He got gas to make the trip so that is how they all come. He of course intended to go back much sooner but as Mother isn’t getting any better hates to leave. I hate for him to go too. He says he has a job on the police force when he goes back. He should go because his asthma is beginning to bother him quite a lot. He has been telling tales about what he used to do when he was a kid – things that happened when I was too young to remember about them. He has an art to telling those things. I told him

Chicken Every Sunday

[page 4] they would make a good book and I believe you could write the book if you had the information. What gave me the idea – John was reading a book review from Reader’s Digest & I said I believe Glen’s tales would make better reading. The book I mentioned was “Chicken Every Sunday,” and the true story of a boarding house written by the daughter of the lady who had the boarding house. If you get a Sept. 1943 Digest you will read it.

Yours of Sept. 11 & 14 came today. I am still sending some v-mail, but not as much as air. I saw in the paper that Capt. Dye has returned to Hawaii. He was home for 10 days. That would be nice but I would rather wait a little longer and have you home longer.

Mrs. Plummer came out today to bring David’s birthday gift & John a belated $1⁰⁰ – She gave David a plate, cup, spoon & fork & $1⁰⁰ – I forgot to mention the set before. I hadn’t seen her since before Mother got down but I couldn’t go much of any place all summer.

Arlene is surely carrying this baby well – She doesn’t look any larger than she did several weeks ago or either her dress was clever enough to makes her look small. Donnie walks alone now & weighs 25 lbs. He really is a big boy.

Ruthie sent David the Navy doll so I must write & thank her.

“Love Mother”

P.S. Jim gave me $100⁰⁰ to help with Mother’s expenses.

September 23, 1943 Birthday guests

September 23, 1943 Birthday guests

September 23, 1943 Birthday guests

September 23, 1943 Birthday guests

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