Gladys Dear

January 1, 1961 envelope

January 1, 1961 envelope

Letter transcription:

January 1, 1961, p. 1

January 1, 1961, p. 1

January 1st, 1961

Gladys Dear

New Year’s Day, and I am thinking about what a happy day I spent with you folks in your home on Christmas Day.

I felt I must thank you again for having me and to tell you how much I enjoyed being with you. You cannot imagine what it means to one with no family ties left, to have dear friends on such a day.

Thank you again for a lovely dinner and companionship, and for the lovely sweater and ear rings.

Thanks, too, for dear David’s kindness to me on the occasion of our trip to Lafayette. I love him dearly.

When thanks are in order, I always think of Doctor’s kindness to my dear Lloyd, which I assure him will never be forgotten.

May the New Year bring continued happiness to all your dear ones and you, and a special prayer for Becky.

Most sincerely
Ruth Myers


January 1, 1961, p. 2

January 1, 1961, p. 2

Forgive me useing the typewriter, but it is so much easier for me than trying to hold a pen for any time. My fingers just don’t seem to want to do it.


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2 thoughts on “Gladys Dear

  1. davidmadison1942

    This is a very touching letter. It is so great that these documents survive; they are evidence of events that meant so much to people–but that have faded, sadly, from memory.


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