Future Republican President

April 5, 1962 envelope

April 5, 1962 envelope

Letter transcription:

April 5, 1962, p. 1

April 5, 1962, p. 1

April 5, 1962

Dear David

Thank you so very much for your letter and the campus newspapers. I am taking my time and shall read them thoroughly. My, what publication, and daily, at that. I’m sorry you are not going to show “King of Kings” as I remember the old silent movie of many years ago, and it has always remained with me.

I am delighted to hear about you’re a on your government test. Ah youth – how wonderful to be able to accomplish so many worthwhile things. I have not been feeling well recently, and last week I was in the office and while Arvella was doing a blood test for me, we decided that a certain young man of whom we are both very fond, would very likely, twenty years from now, be our smart young Republican present of the U.S. Or, if that is expecting too much, we would settle for having him be governor of Indiana. How about keeping that in mind. I would not expect to be here to see it, but it could very easily come to pass.

Yes, I remember Faye Emerson when she used to be on I’ve Got A Secret. She always impressed me as being a person of great elegance. I remember one time she lost one of her very high heels on stage. She proceeded with the utmost aplomb to remove both her pumps, and carry on from there in her stocking feet.

It’s fine that you are elected chairman of the council for next year, and I am sure there couldn’t be a more competent one and that you will do fine things. No, your mother and I do not compare your letters. I think we are both to glad to get them to have any thought other than appreciation. I know I am telling you no secret when I say that your mother is quite a little proud of you.

I watch the Tribune for anything worthy of sending you, but it is all in such a negative vein that I dislike to read some of it, and of course you are familiar with it all anyway.

I am glad your snow lasted only the day in Bloomington. A year ago it was April 16 when we had the terrific snow storm here that blocked traffic for two days. The grass is only starting to green here, quite late. My fingers are quite stiff and painful, so I make mistakes, but I intend to keep at it. Bye for now, and thanks again.

Ruth M.

[Disclaimer: The views of Ruth Myers are not necessarily my own. My task as a historian is to present documents in their true and unedited form.]

©2016 copyright owned and transcribed by Deborah Sweeney
Post originally found: https://genealogylady.net/2016/08/10/future-republican-president/

1 thought on “Future Republican President

  1. davidmadison1942

    Gosh, the things I DO remember. The university officer who was in charge of our dormitory vetoed the showing of “King of Kings” because, being so dated, he was sure it would provoke more ridicule than inspiration.

    “our smart young Republican present of the U.S” should read “president” Oy, how embarrassing.

    As I recall, Fay Emerson appear on stage at IU, and that’s why I mentioned her in the letter.

    “you are elected chairman of the council for next year” I don’t remember this at all. 😦


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