Severe Infection

1961-09-21-gry-p-1Letter transcription:

[Wright 533 – Handwritten by David]

Dear David:

A lot has happened around here since I last wrote to you. Sunday evening Mark, Shirley and Becky came. Mark had been having a severe infection (kidney & bladder) and wanted to see Dad. Monday morning early Shirley went back to Chicago and Mark and Becky stayed here. I took Mark to Lafayette Monday morning to the Clinic to see a Specialist. Of course, Becky went along, but was very good. She travels well. Tues. evening Shirley came after work. After we had dinner and she had time to rest from the trip down, they went back to Chicago. Mark was feeling better, but still not first rate. He was supposed to have registered for school last Friday, but called the registrar at NW and was told he could register Wed. I think he could have had another day of rest, but since he felt he had to go back for Wednesday they started for home around 9 o’clock. He had given notice to Home Federal that he was quitting Fri. the 15th. As it turned out, he was ill and couldn’t work Wed., Thurs., or Fri. of that last week. He called and told his boos he had been ill and asked to have his pay check mailed to him and he refused to send it, so Mark was going to have to make a trip to Home Fed. to pick up his pay check, in addition to going to NW (downtown branch) to register Wednesday. I just hope he felt better by that time. Becky was in the best of health while they were here. She certainly is a good baby. We had quite a time. We became very well acquainted in the two days and she was always ready for me to take her. I just wondered how she would react when her mother came Tuesday evening. She really jumped for joy when Shirley came. We have John’s latest pictures developed and have shown them twice. I finally got around to getting enough holders for the pictures, so we don’t have to stop and re-load the box every time we want to run another set thru the projector. Mark called this noon and is still having difficulty – now he is having diarrhea (from taking so much medicine in the past week) and wasn’t feeling too good. Dad told him to take the pink liquid until he gets things slowed down. He said he just had to push himself to go yesterday. He said by last night he couldn’t make but one class. He doesn’t have another class until Monday night. I am hoping he will be much improved by then. I called Mr. Owings yesterday and he still hasn’t been able to get Benquet for you. He says sometimes it takes weeks to get an order thru. Why don’t you decide on something you can get and get your money to work. John received a dividend check from Rexall today. He bought 25 shares at 49 and it is now 55 or 56. I didn’t look at it today. Dad is building a house for the tools. He is making a pre-fab – that is he is nailing parts of it together in the garage. He is using a material that looks like very thick cardboard, but it is weatherproof. I am going to start on statements today, since I will be away next week (26, 27, 28 & 29) when I should be home working on them. I am going to address them and the envelopes and next Saturday I should be able to fill in the amounts, and get them into the mail for delivery Monday. We have marked off the last week in October and first week in November for our vacation, but haven’t made any plans yet as to where we will go. I will get your deposit into the bank tomorrow. I have to go to the dentist tomorrow. I had just received a notice that my appointment is due and today I broke off a piece of filling while eating some raw carrot. I am washing quilts today and the family room is very hot and humid, but I want to get these things washed and put away. Yes, the car has been reclaimed. It is clean inside and out. I checked on the mileage – as to oil change – after you left and it had about 2,600 miles since the last change in July, so one of the first things was to have the oil changed and a lube job. I think I am going to have to weaken and get a new seat cover for the front seat and new floor pads. If I do that I think it will look almost like a new car again.

Since you have your birthday gift I will just say, HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

Love Mother


©2016 copyright owned and transcribed by Deborah Sweeney
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1 thought on “Severe Infection

  1. davidmadison1942

    “told his boos” should read “boss”

    Nice thing about these letters is finding out about stuff I’d totally forgotten, such as Mark’s illness. And his having worked for a bank or insurance company (Home Federal is what?)….and studying at NW University.

    Nor do I any recollection of being so involved myself in stock purchases.

    I wonder if he put that tool-house out where the gas tank had been.


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