Mark’s New Job

1962-03-19-gry-p-1Letter transcription:

[Wright 533 – handwritten by David]
Kentland, Indiana, March 19, 1962

Dear David:

I am sending the picture of Becky I promised. I think it is the cutest one I have taken of her. The last bunch didn’t turn out as well. When they were here over the week-end of the 11th I took several, but none as cute of this one. Mark has taken a new job with Beck Oil Co. He was very unhappy with his situation at APECO. In the first place they didn’t give him the job he was promised and from the accounts he gave us of the place no one seemed to know what was going on. He gave them a two weeks notice, which they told him they didn’t need – he quit that day – and started to look for something else. The job he now has was one he secured thru the placement bureau. I do hope this one turns out better than the last. He called us Saturday to tell us he had secured the new job, and he seemed very happy about it.

At last it looks like spring is here. The sun is shining and I think all traces of snow are gone. Dad keeps looking at the lawn and says he thinks it will need to be raked. Aren’t you glad you can’t help? Dad had the mowing equipment ready to roll. I thought he was going to use the roller last Thurs., but he said conditions weren’t right.

Last night my S.S. Class had a party at the church. Rev. Fields is having Lenten services every Sunday night. Our class met a t6 and had dinner, then we went up to the service, then back to the basement for recreation. It helped the size of the congregation to have our class attend. The attendance isn’t too good at the Sunday night meetings. Yesterday Rev. Fields started an adult class in membership training, for membership in the church Palm Sunday. Three were from my class. I think more will join before the training is over. I have heard some rumors of dissatisfaction over Rev. Fields, but I think he is doing more than some of the grumblers know about. There was a large crowd at the MYF last night. They met in the MYF room, since our class was using the basement. Some of the girls were in the kitchen putting pizzas in the oven when we were getting ready to eat. They were having their refreshments during the church hour, so they didn’t attend the Lenten service. Rev. Fields works with both MYF groups. He records his sermon every Sunday morning and takes the record to a shut-in every week, which takes more than an hour for every one of those visits. We received a letter about the progress of the parsonage. To date $21,264.00 has been pledged and $4,398.75 has been deposited in the bank. According to the letter the present amount pledged will not take care of the carrying charges and the study to be built on, but I think the extra will come in time. Some people who wouldn’t pledge will pay as time goes on, and of course, some of those who did pledge won’t pay, but I think it will be taken care of.

I haven’t been out yet this morning, so must get going, to pick up the mail, etc. Dad had to go on a baby case early this morning, so I don’t know whether he is back in the office yet. We gave our plans to a contractor for the office, but haven’t heard from him yet. Of course, nothing could be done yet because of the weather, but I hope he gets to work on the office soon. I am anxious to get the thing done and get it over with. I know we are going to have a mess and inconvenience while the work is going on, but that can’t be helped.

Love Mother

©2016 copyright owned and transcribed by Deborah Sweeney
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1 thought on “Mark’s New Job

  1. davidmadison1942

    When I think of Mark’s occupation, I just think ‘lawyer,’ so I have no recollection of all these job changes that he made.

    “Dad keeps looking at the lawn and says he thinks it will need to be raked. Aren’t you glad you can’t help?” On yes, very much so!

    “I think he is doing more than some of the grumblers know about.” This was commonly the case. When I was at the church in Shrewsbury, I finally resorted to writing a detailed accounting of all that I did….to shut the grumblers up. Personalities played such a large part in “liking the pastor.”


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