John’s Plans

1964-06-27-gry-p-1Letter transcription:

Sat. June 27 1964

Dear David and Bonnie:

Yours of June 24th postmark received the 26th – so don’t bother with airmail – it arrives just as fast by regular – at least your first letter did. You wanted to know what I meant by saying John was coming home via Japan & New York. Don’t ask me – that is what I understood – at least that was what he wrote. He has to stop in New York for an examination which is required of people who terminate their services overseas. In his last letter he said he would leave Djakarta the 8th or 9th – fly to Hong Kong then to Japan. Since he has to stop in New York he won’t arrive home until about July 18th – so maybe he is going thru Chicago without stopping to see us. At any rate I will give you the full details after he come home.

I have been working with slides and have all but – one box or two in slide trays – I didn’t put your dental pictures in a tray. I even put the ones from Korea and the pictures John took in Indonesia & Bangkok in trays. We sold the little Bill & Howell projector to Janssens and I was going to give them a number of boxes – did give them two but discovered we didn’t have any left after I finished putting our own in order. I gave a program for Morocco W.S.C.S. and they gave me a check for $15.00. I am saving for a new screen. The one we gave isn’t large enough and there is a kind that can be used with lights on. We have to give a program for Hospital Auxiliary July 13. Dad is giving one for the Nurse Association July 8 – I am invited. We gave a program for Goodland Lions Club this week on Tues and they gave us an Argus projector. It is a neat little gadget for viewing individual slides. Enlarges the picture about 4 times.

So glad to hear about your job. I hope you took some of those old shoes along. As far the hours you have to work – well you were always a night owl.

– Monday – I hope it isn’t as hot in Boston as it is here. We have really had a few scorching days. I had to go to Lafayette today to Officer’s Training Meeting.

1964-06-27-gry-p-2[page 2] Even after being home in air conditioning I am still warm. However I feel better in hot weather so have no complaints. We have six boxes of pills for Bonnie. Will try to get box mailed tomorrow.

The enclosed slip is for your information. Your stock certificate from Sperry came so your file is complete.

Dad is preparing a program he is going to give for Nurse Assn. He is selecting a few pictures from each country and he took some pictures of maps. We don’t have any idea how those will be but we thought a slide showing a map would help in showing where we traveled. Alma was here last night on her way back to school in Urbana. She loaned me some of her slides of the wedding and rehearsal and I am having duplicates made. I was going to put a picture in the local paper but can’t seem to get one just right. All of my slides look good on the screen but do not make good prints. For some reason all are too dark.

The swimming pool next door is quite a popular place. Just like County Fair with radio on most of the time and guests talking and taking dips in the pool. We still are having the dog next door problem but think we will get situation under control in a day or so with more fence.

I want to get this in the box before I retire, so will take it to P.O. while Dad listens to the news.

Love Mother

©2016 copyright owned and transcribed by Deborah Sweeney
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1 thought on “John’s Plans

  1. davidmadison1942

    “I didn’t put your dental pictures in a tray.” HA HA…those are truly horrible!

    “The one we gave” should read “have”

    “So glad to hear about your job. I hope you took some of those old shoes along. As far the hours you have to work – well you were always a night owl.” This is a reference to my night shift at the Stoughton Screw Machine factory, during which I was always splattered with oil–always a mess at the end of the shift.


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