Letter transcription:


Dear David (and Bonnie) I was cleaning my desk and thought I would get your card in the mail—10 days early. I attended a committee meeting at the hospital and stopped to see Mrs. Myers on way home. I think she is feeling pretty good. She has an appointment with Dad Friday and I have promised to take her. We are still planning to visit you the last weekend in Oct. If you don’t have room for us get us a room at a hotel or motel. We will fly because that would be too much driving for a weekend. We will leave Chicago of Indianapolis Thurs. and come back Sunday. So far Mark hasn’t found a place to live in Indpls. but he may have made some progress since we talked to him last night. He didn’t go home last weekend but plans to go Friday so we hope he will have found something by then. A dividend check came for you and I forwarded it. I am saving the second and third class mail to bring when we come. We are (or I am) still sorting our slides. We have some beautiful pictures from Switzerland. We bought some slide of Sistine Chapel ceiling for you and will bring them when we come. We haven’t sorted the Rome pictures yet – we (just) took 12 rolls. I have to store some we took 2 years ago to make room for the new pictures. We have some excellent pictures of the relatives and I have ordered some prints – will bring those along. I told Art when I left the slides to have the prints made to be very careful with them – I don’t want to lose any. We really enjoyed our trip to Switzerland and I would like to go back again. While we were away the church here took a vote on whether to continue with church first or Sunday school. From the information I have gathered the popular vote was to remain on the new schedule but at the Board meeting it seems some of the conservatives wanted to go back to Sunday school first, so regardless of the vote it was changed back. I am not concerned enough about it as far as it effects me, but the attendance in church was much better with church service first. The news isn’t very good this

[page 2] evening about racial disturbances. I told Dad the people in the South (and So. Africa) are probably saying “we told you so” when things happen, like in Atlanta, Ga. From all we can read and hear the Mayor there was trying to help the colored people but things seemed to get out of control. I attended a meeting at Battle Ground last Fri. & Sat. – Christian Social Concerns Committee (conference) and the thinking was that Dr. M. L. King was going to order a march in Indpls. soon. One of the men on the committee called Bishop Raines about the matter and he said he had no information about it. Things seem to have quieted down somewhat in Chicago.

Will let you know when we get our reservations – Oct. 27,
Love Mother

Did Bonnie get her birthday $. I put it in the card. Let me know. How are you getting along with your Sunday school class? They may not like some of your ideas – no?

Roscoe and Gladys in Bern, Switzerland

©2017 copyright owned and transcribed by Deborah Sweeney
Post originally found: https://genealogylady.net/2017/03/16/switzerland/

1 thought on “Switzerland

  1. davidmadison1942

    “Chicago of Indianapolis” should read “or”

    “We are (or I am) still sorting our slides. We have some beautiful pictures from Switzerland.” It looks like these survived, given the pics you’ve posted here.

    “How are you getting along with your Sunday school class? They may not like some of your ideas – no?” Ha ha! She was totally aware of my liberal leanings!

    “We bought some slide” should read “slides”


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